Reviewing myself for the past year.

i’ve still not recovered from 2020 hassle. especially since i’m a social butterfly 🦋 {sort of}, it’s been really tough coping up with the ‘locked-up-in-the-house’ situation.

me, just reading!

We’re already 5 months in the new year, i’m almost nearing my 14th birthday {wheee!}, my entire 8th grade at home, and i still feel new to this whole thing. Whether it’s video chatting with my friends once a month or so, or becoming a pop music addict, i’ve surely changed more during this time than i have during my whole life.

My passions changed totally. They’re so different, that my closest friends lost track. I enjoy music more than ever now. I sing a lot {not probably in my best voice, haha}. If you ever find me in my free-times, you’ll always find me with a headset.

writing has just become a part of me. not to forget reading. I always carry a book along with me and when inspiration calls, I’m always ready. I just write some really random things in that book; i just find it surprising about how I actually bring a post together.

I do feel depressed at times though. Even the most optimistic person on earth has their gloomy times.

One thing about me that unknowingly came about as a change in me was sarcasm. Haha, didn’t see that coming, did you? My sister complains about it the most. It makes me proud, i have no idea why, though my mother says its offensive to others. Maybe.

I’ve become humorous, expressive and optimistic. Lazy and a bit dumb too, But I’ll get over it! Anyways, I would really love to read your self review too! Feel free to drop a message to my mailbox {} or leave it in the comments!!




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