Story of procrastination

I woke up to my alarm set at 7:00 am. Not early, but early enough in the online school schedule. So I freshened up to study {I had exams back then} and opened up my books real quick. I had written my goals in a checklist and placed a notebook beside me and my Tab and began taking down notes.

The picture I have about productive studying is something like this; a sticky note pad, loads of highlighters and sheets, my head deep down in books and all the dates of historical events in my brain. But the reality is a real different case. Access to any sort of tech or device means access to games, apps, internet; basically everything. Especially in teenage years, the mind is diverging. My focus, was completely scattered.

Fine, I’ve finished learning a chapter ‘with difficulty’. I decide to ‘treat’ myself with a break. I pick up my phone and check my messages, and eventually pick up a chat with a friend. Deep down, I know that I could rather start studying more. But that regret just stayed in the corner.

Realization with regrets

The thing is, I already knew that what I was doing was wrong. It’s not like I had late realization problems. But I just hated that part of me.

One fine day, I searched up YouTube : “Ways to avoid procrastination”. I ‘TRIED’ to watch the video the random guy who was trying to explain how to focus and stuff, but procrastinated over it. I clicked up a music video {because I felt bored, typical me} and I spent the next hour doing an Ariana Grande Musical marathon.

Over time, I somehow learnt to get my act together. I distanced my phone, literally. I physically placed it somewhere I just can’t creep up immediately. I would have to get up, walk towards it and take it. It sounds dumb when I put it like that, but trust me, it worked out. I’m just not the kind of person who is likely to move and check the phone {what can I say, I’m lazy}.

I’m not an expert; it’s just how it worked out for me. Everyone has different ways to procrastinate, different distractions. It’s just how we notice that our limits have been crossed and we need to stop.

I still procrastinate, not like I’ve totally given it up. I just do it in a moderate way. Besides, I guess we all need a break from things :)

In What ways do you procrastinate? I’m sure you must’ve felt regrets at some point. How’d you deal with it? Feel free to drop a message to my mailbox {} or leave it in the comments.


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