Bye-Bye, Extrovert! : Why I chose to become an Ambivert

Am I an ambivert or am I an ambivert?

Heyaaaaa! I hope you’re alright. You noticed I didn’t post this Saturday right?

Got Busy In My Exam Study, You See.

Let me compensate it today, lovelies.

I was previously very proud of being an extrovert. But honestly, being anything has NEGATIVES. Be an introvert, you’re not the socializing type. Be an extrovert, you’re TOO much of the socializing type.

Ah world, can you just stop?

I had a very bizarre mindset towards introverts, always thought that they were so quiet and mum about everything! Haha, they have a good reason to be.

As I met newer people every year (Ha! The new kid in the class), I understood more about them. Some open up and some are very shush about their life. I thought it was absurd. They were just afraid of being judged, I think.

Coming to the stereotypically “Confident” extroverts. You know, being one previously, I can tell you a thing about that. Extroverts are more “liked” (I don’t know, are they?) because they’re always ready to talk. And who doesn’t like talking? They cannot stand being quiet and alone. Because they like attention? Or because they like people?

Opened White Book
I’d rather read a book than talk to shitty people. Deal with it.

I chose to be an ambivert. Yes, by choice, people.

I am not the shy type. I am VERY outspoken. But I don’t know what got into me, the pandemic has changed me, as I told you before. Or maybe it’s teenage. Either way, it’s not a big deal. I’ve become more self-aware.

I used to be like, “Hey, you’re in my class!” or “Hey, I met you during that event. We spoke for… two minutes.” . I know, I was very cheesy.

After sorting out my priorities (Why does that remind me of Hermione Granger?), I’ve come to an understanding that:

  • I basically like talking;
  • but I don’t like talking with just “anyone“.
  • Especially idiots.
  • I’m more of a deep conversation person.
  • I only like people who are like me.
  • I’m actually a bit shy.
  • And I hate people who aren’t interested in anything I like.
Woman Jumping Wearing Green Backpack
That’s totally how I’d jump. Just a whacky, little, curious bean, that’s what I am.


Why actually think of becoming an ambivert when everything is just alright in your life?

  • Extroverts like me generally cannot live without people: We need people around us to live. Being alone, solitude, the likes- a huge no-no.
  • I make others a bit irritated- Constantly being bugged by a person about some random crap is SO IRRITATING. Haha, you have no idea. I simply don’t know how and when to shut up.
  • I can be too open- I lose control over my emotions and just share way too many things with people. I guess it’s time to learn that some things are meant to be discussed with myself and myself only.

Did I place enough arguments in front of you?

That folks, is why I don’t want to be an extrovert anymore. You know, I’m just sick of it. I want to live in my small little world and do what I like. That’s it. Mission “Be an ambivert” begins today!

Farewell, extrovert!

Not-so-daintily loving you,


*Questions welcome! I'm kinda planning to do a Q and A post soon (or maybe later, who knows), so if y'all have any questions, literally any thing, about me, blogging, school life- drop a message, here! Looking forward to answering and writing!*

P.S.- Oh I almost forgot. I was way too lazy to photograph anything for the post (also, time did not cooperate. But that’s normal :| ), so I borrowed pictures from Mentioning it because I clearly, don’t wanna be sued :)

Now I have something to discuss. I wanna know what type of a person you are; An extrovert, An ambivert or an introvert? Let’s chat in the comments!


Penning down my normal day in a post: Blogging and School edition

Hello! How is everyone!

Last week, one of my dear friend and blogger had emailed me about a very specific type of a post. Coincidentally, I was already working on a post like that. It was nice to know that my readers and I think quite similarly! You can read my friend’s blog here.

Anyways, today, should we do another blog-diary entry?

Nah, I think we’re doing it too often.

Today I’m feeling super-duper lazy to edit any graphics or images for a diary post, so regular post it is! (If you’d like me to do a diary post soon, let me know!)

15th of June.

7:00 AM: Can you believe it? Exactly on 7. My biological clock must be a genius or something. Today I was SUPER LAZY (as I told you already), so I skipped exercise. But the calories, they never skip anything. I had a 60 minute head start for school to begin, half of which I spent in wondering if a chicken came first or an egg.

8:00 AM: Math Class! I was IMMERSED in today’s lecture. The thing with math is that you won’t understand it if you DON’T WANT to understand it. Just for the sake of doing something never got us anywhere, did it? Anyways, we had two consecutive math classes, so my back surely had a BAD TIME!

After that I had my breakfast and edited my brand new profile picture!

And I had another language lecture and a few assignments to complete.

11:45 AM: I drew a few diagrams for my cell-organelles assignment that is due at the end of this month. But then, I subsequently began drafting a new blog post (Which happens to be this very post). And then I realize, “Goddamn, what happened to my assignment!”. So I begin researching again.

The notes in the book are unfiltered. None of them made into the final post, unfortunately..

12:30 PM: And I got bored. So I chilled out with some music.

I absolutely love this song! I’m always humming and jamming to this.

1:20- ish PM: I had some food. Obviously I have to stay alive. After that me and my sister saw some cartoon and then, off to the next part of the day!

2:00 PM: This is where the fun part of the day begins. By Fun, I mean things that make my day, a day. I prepare my “Checklist of the day”. Basically, this is just a piece of paper where I write my goals and the agenda of the day.

I caught up on my left out assignment and yay, I finished it. :-D

3:14 ish: I did some chores. Me and my sister have this eternally ongoing chore of doing laundry. I do my part quite responsibly. It’s my sister Miss lazybones who escapes from doing her part. I spent the next half an hour reminding her that she had some chores to do.

3:45 PM: *Crossing out a few more things out of the checklist* I begin “Study-part 2”. I’m sorry! That’s all I did! It sure seems pretty boring but 9th grade, is a total mess. The one thing interesting now was updating my post, with all I did till now. And now since I had come to wordpress, I read a few posts out here.

4:30 PM: I got up and flexed out my hands. They got sick of writing so many notes, poor little things. I checked my texts and replied to them. I listened to some music again…ahhhhhhhh.

5:00 PM: I tried doing an illustration. Or whatever its called. I was trying out my new watercolor pens and they’re GOOD. I had some fun here and there, until it was time for tea. In my case, milk. Me and my sister made a quick snack and we talked about how our day was going. Of course, nothing serious.


No! It was some cuckoo theories and cracking jokes about each other.

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on

5:30 PM: *Blog Post editing*. Today is my blog posting day. Every tuesday, I get the thoughts in my brain and on the pages of my notebooks into the digital draft. Gives me a sense of completing half of the work. A 20 minutes at this work and then I’m off to reading this book I’m halfway through.

6:18 PM: *Closing of the day* My dad always says that we must close all the work that is pending by the end of the day, it gives us a sense of satisfaction. He isn’t wrong. I cleaned my desk and made my bed and kept everything ready for the next day. I don’t do this everyday, but I realized that I gotta be a *Decent girl*, so that I’m presentable in this post. Here we are.

I watched television. I wouldn’t want to mention any timings for this because, I clearly don’t remember! I had my dinner too, soon. (Yeah, we have television meals at night.) Anyways, it was getting late. Tomorrow I’m gonna have to come and edit the draft of the post and schedule it.

*A work well done.*

Not-so-daintily loving you,


P.S. Thanks for reading this! My examinations are up next month, I might disappear for a few weeks. I don’t want my grades to drop, at all! So I’ll post less frequently, or maybe not post at all. But stay with me, okay? I know you would.

*Sending you a hug!*

An award tag – the aesthete blogger award!

Whoa. I mean totally whoa.

It’s been an exciting week, but lord, never expected something like this.

This award is quite special, because its my first one! *Screaming on the inside *

First of all, Lot’s of love to Maggie, the lovely person who nominated me. She is a wonderful blogger who has a wonderful and an exciting blog. I cannot describe someone else’s blog, for only the person who made it can describe it truly and passionately and my explanations, are just mere assumptions and compliments. Head straight to her blog, here!

Beautiful logo, right!

This award was created by Ashmita @ The Fictional Journal, and it has been reaching more and more bloggers everyday!


  • Display the original logo on your post.
  • List the rules, of course.
  • Thank the person who nominated you!
  • Mention the creator (Ashmita @ the Fictional Journal) and link it back to the original post.
  • Tell me something about this world that you admire.
  • What is your favourite form of creativity?
  • Nominate 7 lovely people and notify them by commenting on their posts; spread some love!
  • Ask your nominees 4 questions.
  • Share something you created. (can be anything!)
  • And lastly, just so you know: I LOVE YOUR CREATIONS!

Tell me something about this world that you admire

People! Positive people, of course. Humans are the reason why we have this world. I admire people because they have brains a heart. A heart to give another chance. Also, people are the reason we have books, movies and food. Aliens didn’t write Harry Potter, the oceans didn’t create the superhero movies (To be precise, Marvel) and the volcanoes never made food. Bad examples, but you get my point.

What is your favorite form of creativity?

Writing, as of now. I’m so obsessed with writing. The reason why blogging isn’t the answer is because, it’s not my first priority. Writing is my first love (and eternal too), hence my favorite. I get to express things that I may not be able to in real life. Also to beat some sense into people. But mostly expressing myself.

Something you created?

Haha, the entire blog that you’re reading right now.

Now, my nominees are:

Evin @ A Curly Sue’s Ramblings

Nabeeha @ BrainStorms

Grace @ Graceful Rags

Maya @ Pretty Little Scribbles

Maith @ Jovial Pages

Aadhya @ Adya’s Diary

Sep @ Bookishly Yours

I bet most of my nominees already got tagged for this thing, but I can’t seem to know many people out here!! Anyways, my questions!

  • Which book’s lead character do you wish that you could be in real life, and why?
  • What would you define as your perfect life? (Haha, no philosophy class, okay?)
  • Where do you envision your blog to be 2 months from now?
  • Are you guilty of doing something silly? (How about you confess it?)

Wheeeeeeee! Thanks for the award and Luck to all my nominees! And hey, no pressure, only if you’re interested. If anyone else wants me to tag them in this award, I’m happy to! Drop a message in the comments or here.

Not-so-daintily loving you,


A walk in the park: A photo post.


A few days back, my mother, sister and I went to a park after like, a really long time! We live in a housing society and it has this beautiful club house adjoined with a park. It’s this wonderful place that screams “Good vibes live here!”. The breeze, the grass and the trees make me want to live there forever.

The place is very photogenic, or can I say, instagrammable? (For the record, I don’t use instagram; I came across the word somewhere on the internet)

It has this unique aesthetic that couldn’t stop me from clicking a few pictures.

The grass was freshly watered, which made the perfect effect for this picture.

Hey look, there’s me, in a shadow.

This is my most favorite place to sit! The plants and the creepers cling to the slabs of concrete and creates this canopy over your head. Its so calm and serene.

Me and my worn out shoes!

Ah, when sunlight comes through, you can see the Tyndall effect show up so gorgeously.

These small little leaf-lings were so cute!

A clear sky (almost).

Wild berries?

I hope you liked reading seeing this post! And check out my recent posts!

If you really like what I write (or create), be sure to leave a comment and maybe follow, too? I’ll surely reply!

Not-so-daintily loving you,


Blog Diaries: A birthday post, June the Tenth, 2021.

I write down so many things, not in a diary, but in my mind. This year I thought, “Now that I have a blog, maybe I can write down things like a diary?”. I turned 14 this tenth of June and it was such a perfect day, I don’t want to forget it. I think I can do a post series called “Blog-diaries” from now on.

Well, well! Peek into my blog-diary!

*If you’re reading this from the WordPress-reader, you might want to view this on the original site, as this contains graphics that are best-viewed on the blog itself! read it here. *

Apparently, my friends had elaborately planned out this prank. Who knew my friends were so interesting?

Today is the 12th! It finally arrived!!

I hope you liked what I did with my blog-diary entry. I certainly did go out-of-the-zone for this post, but writing and editing all of this was really fun for me! I hope I get to do more Blog-diary posts in future!

Psst…one announcement though. In case you didn’t catch the post of a “blog title change”, view it now! In a nutshell, the blog’s name is gonna be changed to “The Name is Divi: tales of a not-so-dainty mind”. Read the full post here.


A Very Important announcement: Blog Title Change

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

My lovely friends and readers, how are you! I’ve gotten busier, busier, busier and even more busier lately. What can I say, school has begun after summer break and as much as I was excited for school, I’ve gotten a bit, pre-occupied. Assignments, home works, tests- the list doesn’t end! Anyways, one of the things on this list was that I was working on the blog’s new logo.

Oh wait. I haven’t told you.

I began this blog with such sheer uncertainty, I put my own name for the blog. I thought, then, that I could post anything if I had a broad categorized name that didn’t define my blog niche or confine me to create only one type of content. So I just put up my name.

But oh, it’s costing me things.

My name is big, its not that catchy like them other fancy blogs out here. So- okay, I’ll just put it out.

“The Name Is Divi- Tales of a not-so-dainty mind.”

How is it, in your opinion?

I think it defines myself in a very crisp way; not dainty at all, actually wild. I don’t even need to change my URL. Ah, sweet!

And I promise you, no more changes at all.

Not-so-daintily loving you,


P.S. I won’t change the site name that soon. Maybe in a week or so. Till everyone gets the word that there’s gonna be a change!

Notions I trashed that helped me boost positivity!

Hello! How is everyone’s day going? Positive, I hope. We’re all in a bad phase in life, a bit of optimism is what we need. Lockdown started out pretty hard but we all just made the best out of it. Honestly, let’s look at the brighter side; Family dinners together, binge watching favorite movies at home, having little picnics and garden parties at home; ah, so wonderful!

Enough of cheesy talk though. Onto today’s post!

As I said, positivity is the need of hour. So I did some self-renovation. I figured there were a few thoughts that weren’t worth keeping in my head, so guess what, I trashed them.

-Everyone’s having a better life.

I have this feeling, this insecurity that everyone is somehow, having a better life than me. The truth is harsh. Turns out people have worse ways to live. Comparing myself to to others was one of the worst thing I ever did. I always thought that everyone has a perfect life. From the coolest kid in the class to the closest friend I have, I particularly compared my problems to theirs. Little did I know that everyone has misery, but not everyone shows it.

-Nobody needs me!

Ah, turns out some people do. This is a sort of feeling where you don’t realize the feeling until the moment approaches. I said these words when I was 11. I guess I got into a fight or something. I was angry, sad and scared. We say piercing words when we’re angry. Over time, I found the right friends who made me feel special. My parents always made me feel wanted, since the beginning. As I always say, Time makes a difference.

-People are copying me

People copying me always made me sad. Not jealous or mad, but sad. Sad because people are forgetting their true essence, their true interests. Everyone, literally everyone has someone who is copying them. I was totally bothered with people copying me or being like me, but then I had my mom saying, “In turn you must be happy! People are trying to be like you. It turns out you’re better!”. So yeah, I bothered about trashed it. There are so many people trying to look like Taylor Swift and sing like her, and she just wears all of it SO WELL.

But again, I try to talk to people I REALLY care about, regarding this. And they understand me. The others, well, don’t bother.

-People care about you

Wrong again. Turns out most of them don’t. You do something wrong once, people talk about it. The next day, list out one person who remembers anything. So we’re just an item to talk about. But people’s opinion doesn’t change the truth. What changes the truth is, us, when we act upon it. And I feel truly happy about trashing this game-changing notion. Instead, do something to impress the loved-ones. They’ll be super proud, right?

When there aren’t any useless thoughts dangling in our mind, there is lot more place for optimism. You start looking at everything in a different way. I hope this post has helped you and is speaking to you directly. Take these words from experience :-)

*Questions welcome! I'm kinda planning to do a Q and A post soon (or maybe later, who knows), so if y'all have any questions, literally any thing, about me, blogging, school life- drop a message, here! Looking forward to answering and writing!*

Books that I’ve been eyeing.

Books, ah, books! The month of June has so many targets. And I want to read more books! I’ve previously read only trilogies or book series and I want to change the game a bit. I’ve heard about these books so much, now I cannot wait to read them. So here is the list!

To kill a mockingbird- Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird: Harper Lee: 0738095236881: Books
I somehow came across this book while surfing through the internet. That's how it ended up on this list!

The diary of a young girl- Anne Frank

The Diary of a Young Girl eBook: Anne Frank: Kindle Store
I feel as if everyone on this planet has read this book except me. So I figure it's time to read it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Da Vinci Code- Dan Brown The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon) (9780307474278): Brown, Dan:  Books
Another super-popular, yet unread-by-me book. My mom has read loads of Dan Brown novels and she loves them!

The Book Thief- Markus Zusak

The book thief recently came to my attention. Out of all these books, I would prefer to read this first. Why? Because the cover looks kind of interesting. But also because it's a great book according to reviews:D

Gently Falls the Bakula- Sudha Murty

Buy Gently Falls: The Bakula Book Online at Low Prices in India | Gently  Falls: The Bakula Reviews & Ratings -
I absolutely adore Sudha Murty's writing style. I've read most of the novels she's written and this one is definitely a one I HAVE to read.

Have you read these books? If you have, I would love to know what you think; should I read it or not? And please, no spoilers. If you haven’t, let’s read them together this month! I hope this book list has helped you!

I’ll see you soon, with another post! Till then, read my recent post.