Blog Diaries: A birthday post, June the Tenth, 2021.

I write down so many things, not in a diary, but in my mind. This year I thought, “Now that I have a blog, maybe I can write down things like a diary?”. I turned 14 this tenth of June and it was such a perfect day, I don’t want to forget it. I think I can do a post series called “Blog-diaries” from now on.

Well, well! Peek into my blog-diary!

*If you’re reading this from the WordPress-reader, you might want to view this on the original site, as this contains graphics that are best-viewed on the blog itself! read it here. *

Apparently, my friends had elaborately planned out this prank. Who knew my friends were so interesting?

Today is the 12th! It finally arrived!!

I hope you liked what I did with my blog-diary entry. I certainly did go out-of-the-zone for this post, but writing and editing all of this was really fun for me! I hope I get to do more Blog-diary posts in future!

Psst…one announcement though. In case you didn’t catch the post of a “blog title change”, view it now! In a nutshell, the blog’s name is gonna be changed to “The Name is Divi: tales of a not-so-dainty mind”. Read the full post here.



19 thoughts on “Blog Diaries: A birthday post, June the Tenth, 2021.

    1. Thanks a lot Nabeeha, both for the wishes and your words! I’m so glad you loved this diary post! Thanks for the follow too dear!
      Yeah, my family is very whacky and interesting; I love them so much!
      Thanks a lot for your time.
      (Hoping to see you more often!)


    1. This is seriously the best thing that I read today, Evin!
      I had a great time editing all of these things and pages too! I knew it would be beautiful, but to recieve the word “aesthetic” as a compliment? Not a chance. I’m so touched by your words!

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  1. Ofc ofc!
    Div is indeed the person who can make you feel any emotion using her pen…
    I was sooo very exiceted for her b’day 😛(as if it was mine)!!I was super exiceted and yea tried my best to make her feel top of the world.
    The best part came in where she honestly gave the whole feedback without feeling hesitant!That’s what makes you feel warm about any friendship…
    We gave her an “aivy day” surprise which I loved planning!☀️
    Keep up the 15!


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    1. Haha, I love the reference to our inside jokes!! Thanks a lot! And thanks for being the mastermind behind the prank😂🥰! I’m so glad that you’re my friend!
      Love you so much!!


    1. Awww Maith!
      Thanks a lot! I’m so happy you liked this post. Yeah, I did have loads of fun! Friends….they never let you down.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. I see your efforts you put while making this blog 😘…. Its a really beautiful blog…. Looks like someone actually enjoyed a lot on her birthday 🙄🤩🥰….

    Love ya,
    Your buddy ❤!

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    1. Oh yeah, Aarya.
      That someone actually enjoyed her birthday. But the one thing that made my day sour was, a lizard! That little thing touched my foot and ran away from me! I am un-diagnosed-ly(idk, is that a word?) with a lizard phobia. But my dad said that it was just a lizard’s way of wishing me a happy birthday!
      And I’m so glad that you loved my work! I so happy!!!

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  3. You know, The best day in anyone’s life would certainly be their BIRTHDAY. It’s a Unique day. It’s Special because it’s a day which only comes once in a year!✨
    Haha! Yeah! We had really planned an online prank on your birthday to make your birthday special. And the good thing was – You made our prank successful!😂


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    1. Ah Himadri, true words!
      And friends like you made my day super fun! I’m so glad that I am in touch with you all amidst this lockdown!
      Thanks for reading this so much, dear!


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