My exams got over + Random chit-chat?

I’m not always up to the mood of chit chat but I guess I’m feeling good, since my exams got over?

Disclaimer- Read at your own risk, I may not make sense in this post. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. That’s a Taylor Swift reference.

Hey-llo! I hope everyone is doing perfectly fine.

Reminds me of Taylor Swift.

I’ve been so pumped up lately, due to nervousness and excitement. But also a bit of grief, because I couldn’t post on the blog.

*Silent sobs*

I was “busy” in the examination preparation (I never noticed, but these two words rhyme?) so, you know, I wasn’t free. But I must say, my examinations were marvelous. We gotta work hard to get something right? It’s not always “I want it, I got it” mood. {Why am I making pop references over and over again?}


Since today is a hello-to-the-readers-after-not-posting-for-a-week post, I’ll just say some random things and say things that make no sense, but bear with me, I’m very jittery because of the hyper-excitement due to the end of exams. I’ll list down a few things I want to do this month and basically just end the post.

I couldn’t get graphics done, so a random photo collage for you :)


-Attend school, obviously.

-Listen to a lot of music

-Post a few more times

-Do a random-things photoshoot.

-Re-watch Harry Potter (Lol XD)

-Read at least 3 books!

-Take a walk alone.

-Not bake a cake again.

The last point’s gotten a tinge of irritation to it. I’m irritated by cake.

please forgive my doodling skills! (if that’s what you call a doodle XD)

I’ve eaten so much of cake, I’m going to put on some flab. Last month was all messy and cake-y , my goal this month is not to bake a cake again. (Bake and cake. Why are all things rhyming today-) I’m this person who bakes a cake when I’m bored. I don’t even change flavors, it’s either vanilla…or vanilla.


I want to quickly review a few things, so,ahem-

1. Loki:

The best series I ever saw. God has blessed my eyes with this. Got a great amount of action but there is a lot of character development, which I appreciate. There is still one episode, the finale, left out. It’ll be out this wednesday!

I didn’t put the original poster because it was dramatic-
2. SOUR album:

I never got a chance to review this album, and I’m late! But this album has all emotions ransacked and jammed into it. It’s a very heartfelt album, you should try listening to it. Or maybe not. Your wish.

Hound of the Baskervilles, by Arthur Conan Doyle:
I already used this picture, lol!

Awesome! I loved the plot twists and the setting of the story. It makes for a great stand alone Sherlock Chronicle.

Music I’ve been listening to-

Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran:

Do not try to change my mind. This song is fabulous. I haven’t heard a “GREAT” Ed Sheeran song in a while, this was a wonderful comeback.

Astronomy by Conan Gray:

Conan Gray is basically a perfectionist. This song is very mystical in its very own way. It’s kind of surreal but gives such wonderful vibes when we listen to it.

Solar Power by Lorde:

I never heard Lorde before, and she has a nice…voice. The song has this Moana-ish feel, with those beaches and people dancing. It’s a nice summery song.

pov by Ariana Grande:

I’m fangirling too much about Ariana Grande but let us face it, she’s worth it. This song is marvelous and so nice! *Proud Arianator grin*

Renegade by Big Red machine and Taylor Swift:

You’re probably wondering why this song wasn’t mentioned yet. Here it is. It’s really nice, listening to more Taylor Swift music. It always is nice.

Next week, I’ll be publishing the Q and A post, So I’ll be accepting questions about almost anything till the coming Friday! You could drop a message here or in the comments!

Anyways, I have a small little poll for you.

Not-so-daintily-loving you,



26 thoughts on “My exams got over + Random chit-chat?

  1. Omg I came across your blog a few hours ago! Your website looks so beautiful 😍 your editing and designing skills are way too awesome 🤩 any tips for someone not good at designing and stuff??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Are ya kidding 😂? Thanks a lot!
      I’m kind of surprised. I have no idea-
      I have no tips, except that we need to pick our own style for our graphics. I chose tapes and flowers and I go along with that. You should try to get a theme too, if you don’t have one.
      I’m heading over to your blog-
      We should connect via mail sometime!
      Thanks Saumya!


      1. Thanks so much! You had the same theme as mine! The only thing I like about my blog theme is the header image I made few weeks ago 😅 sure we should! I would love to get some tips from you via mail 💫

        Liked by 1 person

  2. aHhhh my exams are about to start, and yours are over?! Not fair. 😂😭😭
    Anyways your collages are so pretty – teach me your waysss, seriously 😂 I need all the names of templates you use🥲
    And i got that Taylor swift reference!
    I LOVE Conan gray’s music!! Astronomy is such a great song💕


    1. Ah Evin! I missed your comment. It got caught by mr. Spam for some reason🙄
      Bahahahahahaah, my exams are over🌝
      I don’t know how you liked those collages! I custom made them! Maybe one time we could share our “Canva” secrets with each other, I absolutely love your collages too!
      Aha! I smell a swiftie 🙃
      You too! Finally someone with whom I can scream about Conan’s 🎵 music 🎶!
      Thanks for leaving your thoughts! I’m sorry for replying late😂😭

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It feels as if you have accomplished something after finishing your exams!!!
    That really looks like ‘A Chit Chat’
    Beautiful post!
    Buddy 💜

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Hey Divi! Wow, your exams are over!!!! Mine are beginning next week… All the best for the results!!! :)))
    Sour is a masterpiece!! Olivia Rodrigo has made it a blend of all the emotions a person can ever feel! One song is so lively and dance-worthy, and the next makes you scream and cry… she is a genius!
    Ahhh, I love Renegade! What’s your favorite Taylor Swift album? <3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah maith! I hope your exams go well..and thanks, I too hope the results are great!
      Ikr sour is brilliant ❤️✨my fave TS album is reputation, actually. What’s yours?

      Liked by 1 person

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