Why I hate books (for positive reasons)

Trash that click bait-ey title. It’s just a trick to lure you in. Don’t come after me now.

But before that:

Disclaimer: A lot of bookish references, mainly fandoms.

But I really hate books. For affirmative and positive reasons.

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They’re really good:

Okay, not all books are great, but I’ve read some really good ones. And the problem? They’re so good, you cannot put it down. And it’s not just in the recent years, I’ve been addicted to books since I was a kid. When I was in preschool and elementary schooling, I read fairytales non stop. A little older, I couldn’t stop reading Geronimo stilton (but now they seem so cringe). And there legit was a time when I read loads of graphic novels. And then came the diaries era; Dork diaries and diary of the wimpy kid. I passed through the Harry Potter phase and got myself into classics for a while, later. I remember a time I was obsessed with mythological fiction(Shiva trilogy, anyone?) Then comes Percy Jackson and soon Heroes of Olympus and now, I’m deep buried in Sherlock novels.

It’s so addictive, when we’re reading. YOU. CANNOT. PUT. IT. DOWN.

You get into more and more fandoms

That’s the tough part. Once you like a book/series, wham, the entire fandom invades your mind. And then you cannot stop obsessing. I know a super crazy friend who is into like a 100 fandoms at the moment (You know who you are). Every few days, she comes up to me and updates that she just finished a book series.

And then, those fanfictions, memes and headcannons invade my memory storage.

You then imagine yourself in the story and think of alternative scenes

I’ve 100 percent done this for every single book ever.

The plot is super gripping and then you cannot help but to imagine yourself in the story. I clearly remember me trying to pretend I was Hermione Granger. AND I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT I WAS DR. WATSON FOR A WHILE?!

I also try to reimagine the entire plot. What if the protagonist just gets killed off and his friends set out to take revenge instead? What if they fail to solve a mystery and they lose their reputation?

This is what books do to you. They turn you into a maniac.

*Maniac starts playing in the background, Divi vibes to it*

Real life is very boring

School. Boring. Friends. Boring. The world. Boring.

I wish I was at camp half blood, I wish my friends were secretly Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, I wish I could solve a murder.

How is it that the books’ world get to be so interesting and the real world doesn’t? I mean, Robert Langdon, who is an art history professor, gets to solve mysteries?!

And no matter how long you wait for your Hogwarts letter, no matter how long you wait for your satyr to come and take you to camp half blood, nothing’s going to happen. Books waste your time and hopes.

But I’m grateful I at least have A LIFE.

And comparisons between fandoms.

Is Sherlock better or Robert Langdon? Is Percy Jackson the better protagonist or Harry Potter? The frequent obsessions and comparisons are crazy. You cannot pick between two fandoms and books.

“Are you a bigger Sherlockian or a Potterhead?”

Ummm, I don’t know.

Me, when people ask me that question.

So at the end of the day, do I still hate books?


Will I still read them?

Affirmative. Yes.

And will I resent them as soon as I put it down?

That’s the usual drill, yes.

Not-so-daintily loving you,

Divi <3

P.S.: My exams begin next month (yes, again) and I may disappear. Please know, I do not intend to die young and that I’m still alive while I go on this little hiatus. Give my blog some love by reading a few of my older posts, will ya?

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