Not a lot going on at the moment: A question I’d like to pose

T.S. the Great.
*Waits for Red (Taylor’s Version) to come out*

Hi! I mean, Bye.

This is not a post. This is me saying that there wouldn’t be a proper post today. Don’t camp out and wait for my post to come.

No one waits for your post like that, Divi.

The thing is that my examinations are ongoing, and it’s gonna take me another week to get started with blogging again. So, not a lot going on at the moment. But, I’ve got ample time to pose this question to everyone out here-

Is it alright to not have a lot going on at the moment?

Just write down some real long answers, bring that writer out of you. Answers in the comments and lot’s of love to who ever is willing to stay with me till the next big post comes up.

I hope you all are doing exceptionally well, and may you have strength to face the pandemic that has shook all of us.

Not-so-daintily loving you, but adoring you till the end of the world,