My recent obsessions

Hello humans! (not that other creatures can read this post but whatever.) A splendid October to everyone! Leaves are turning to shades of red and brown, as wind blows more now. Let’s start October with…obsessions? (You know, October and Obsessions, get it?)

Obsessions aren’t good things, they’re more of guilty pleasures. You know it’s wrong, but it’s still pulling you back. You cannot think out of it. You know, just like how your favorite pop idol or boyband pulls you closer and closer and the only thing you can think of is…them.

I’ve been obsessed with so many things for a while too. And I know, these obsessions don’t stick around for long, so I’m gonna write them down now.

So that my future self can see how cringe I was.

Dam(n) Aesthetics

Above: Pictures taken from my Phone, edited with expertise(lol, just played along with image settings). Please zoom in to have a look of my brilliant photography. Props: An old dictionary, A dried flower, a cup and Mr Sun.

Haha, Dam. (It’s a Dam Percy Jackson joke.)

Aesthetics, how cheerful. I’ve become obsessed. My pinterest home page is basically just aesthetic photography and what not. It’s the influence of the growing aesthetic culture (hey, I coined it-), this generation loves it. So do I. I’ve picked up aesthetic photography, though I don’t know till what extent it is “aesthetic”.

Like, I’m not sure how many of you scream when you see a picture of person reading which is edited to look rosy pink. It’s the damn trend.

(Also, you’d find the proper version of the above pictures on the blog’s Pinterest, you could download them if you want to use them anywhere! But credits, please.)


Writing is getting into my head now. I’m writing more than ever. I’ve got loads of drafts here and there, I literally cannot find a book that is NOT filled with words. I should probably buy some new notebooks right now.

Not probably, FOR SURE I need to buy them. Or my obsession will get me to an extent where I’d be writing on walls, hands and possibly furniture.


Nope, I don’t actually see studytube all day. But then, Study-youtube is a very good way to use youtube. It’s not really a trashy place. There are some studytubers who are providing good content, which isn’t exactly bookish or “studious”. I love watching study to success and studyquill on youtube, and they don’t tell you “STUDY FOR 24 FREAKING HOURS AND DON’T SLEEP, DON’T BINGE WATCH, DON’T BREATHE!”. They give easy to follow tips and some are actually funny. Plus, I saw my grades have improved-

But the downside is that it all looks so unachievable at times.

But the studytube is just so cool-


Uh, don’t get the wrong picture-

Kids, insults aren’t good things. But then, friendly insults are just good to do (with your friends; I mean only an insane person would do this to someone else-). Roasting, is that what it’s called these days? And in this pandemic, everyone’s gained skills in dry humor and sarcasm (which explains my sudden surge of fluent sarcasm). Text-roasting/insults are my favorite things to do these days.


Like, how are some people on Earth so talented? And I’m just sitting here? Just kidding, not saying I don’t have talent. But I’m just so humble and modest to not say that, haha.

I should stop this bragging.

No one’s interested in this conversation anyway.

Edits are so popular right now! I’ve tried making a few edits, but they so glamorously failed. But! I scroll through some really neat stuff, like wallpapers, cute doodles(Not to mention how they make fan made posters and stuff in the scrapbook style), and videos on pinterest.

It’s getting weird now, let’s go to the next one.


This is more like eternal obsession? I do have a love-hate relationship with this. But I love it now! Great for inspiration (but terrible to succeed in doing it lol), tips, ideas, and fandoms.

Pinterest is run by fandoms.


You may skip this point if you don’t like them-

Now, this is the only obsession that I can TOTALLY NOT GET OVER. I seriously don’t get how I didn’t become a fan before, like these men/boys/people are AWESOME. It was partially because I had cringe classmates who were screaming about them in high pitched voices. I thought this was just the boyband that any typical girl would a fan of, obviously for their looks.

And I’m even playing them more than others. (And no, I don’t listen to Olivia R. It’s probably my sister-)

I first heard their music in like 2018-2019 ish period. I liked it, but I was afraid I’d become like *those cringe girls* (No offence). There’s so much more to the fans, and what’s not to love about them?

Long story short, I like them now. And the lyrics are pure, except they’re in Korean.

Other honorable mentions because I’m just too tired to elaborate more:

  • Photography
  • Cute doodles
  • Scrapbooking
  • Lettering
  • Fictional plotline writing
  • pov by Ariana Grande because, why not?

Since I realise that this post doesn’t actually provide any value to your time (it’s just me ranting), let’s convert this into an open hearted conversation! If you’re reading this, write down a few of your obsessions in the comments, let’s have a chat about it!

Write down your obsessions!

That’s all for today humans! See you next week or whenever I choose to write next!

Not-so-daintily loving you,



44 thoughts on “My recent obsessions

  1. Oh no! I must’ve missed this post!
    AHHHH, StudyTube!!! You should check out this channel PaigeY. She isn’t exactly a study-tuber, but she does study vlogs which are good!
    Taylor Swift!!!!!
    You should totally listen to Sour, it is so full of emotion!
    I adore your Pinterest board!!! You are such a pro at photography!
    My current obsessions, hmmm… I have been baking a lot. I also started watching ‘Only Murders in the Building’ which is awesome!! Absolutely thrilling!!

    Have a great day!! :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry for replying late! PaigeY? I’ve heard of this channel but never checked it out.
      I did listen to SOUR! I was a huge fan, but then I got a bit bored of that album. Not saying it’s not great, it’s still one of the best albums ever.
      Baking is mine too! Just seeing our visions come true in the form of baked confectionary is so satisfying!
      Have a great day too, Maith!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, I’m new to your blog. But dam, we are so similar!!! I’m an ARMY too!!! Me is an OT7 before you ask my bias😂 and I don’t listen to Olivia too(I love Taylor Swift tho)Pinterest is da best!!! And the aesthetics in that picture is amazing!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Heyy Pannaga! Welcome to the craziest and scattered place on the internet. Now that intros are in place ahem-
      Okay, so we’re SO SAME. are you sure you aren’t Divi and I’m Pannaga?
      Thank you so much! I tried to make the pictures as aesthetic as possible, great to hear I succeeded 😂
      Thank you so much for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I have the same obsessions.. and my biggest obsession is BTS💜… And don’t forget to thank me.. I made you one (Army💜😜)… I literally watch Study to success… Studytube has the most aesthetic content one could ever watch!!! The post was fun!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh please who told you that some korean guys called BTS existed ? 🙂 But anyways since you asked, thank you.
      Yes TRUE THAT! aesthetics are officially everywhere around!
      Thanks for reading!


      1. Ok I mean yeah!! but you never told me to stan them… you just told me to listen to their song Dynamite(which is now my most favorite song). Well, somehow Thanks to you too!!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Sjsjsjds pinterest, love-hate relationship and run by fandoms, couldnt be more relatable
    and same, oml i totally felt the *cringe girls* part like that was totally me 💀💀
    Bahahahajsjd I’ve made some edits (BTS, Itzy and Blackpink cuz like they were my ults during that time, ended up stanning like 5 more groups during the pandemic 👀😂)
    Loved this postt, I’m obsessed with Black (It’s a song by G-Dragon and Jennie) but I’ll give pov a listen!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg I found another soul sister! But, you’re more kpop obsessed than I am. I’m just a minuscule drop of kpop ocean. Should I get more into it?
      Yes pov is definitely a must listen!
      Thank you for reading!


  5. I am watching a lot of Blackpink videos on Youtube
    somebody help—
    Studytube is absolutely amazing♥
    Also aesthetically pleasing✨
    Like howw😫✋🏻
    Your Pinterest posts look lovely<3
    I am rarely online on Pinterest nowadays lol😭
    I am singing this part from Solo by Jennie a lot
    "I am going sololololololo"
    And I can't get enough of booktoks on youtube
    If I tried mentioning all my obsession, we would be here all day XD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh so you’re a BLINK? I never actually seemed interested in Blackpink, but okay, let’s try, I guess?
      Oh yes, I was searching for that term when I was writing! “AESTHETICALLY PLEASING”.
      You know what, I wouldn’t mind reading your obsessions all day. It wouldn’t be that bad, right?
      Thank you for reading Aashiiiii!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. i love these so muchhh! this post was so relatable, divi & ahh i love studytube so much! great post :D my current obsession is taylor swift but whose isn’t (also you should totally listen to liv – SOUR is brilliant)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AH, TAYLOR SWIFT! Yes who isn’t obsessed with the queen? Yes, I’ve heard SOUR and kept on streaming it for like 3 weeks since it’s release. I was such a fan, but then now it all seems a bit boring? Guess we have different opinions afterall.
      Thank you so much Maya for reading! 🤩

      Liked by 1 person

  7. EVERYTHING, here (except bts)are my current obsessions. Aesthetics, studytube, roasting, edits.
    do we share a brain(cell) or something?😂🤙
    Anyway, the collage at the top of your post was so pretty! You need to do a post on aesthetic photography. It’d be so helpful💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Uh, except BTS? That’s sad, but then I’ll leave it to your choice-
      And there you go, you asked again. Aesthetic Photography 🤪 Now since this is the second time, I better do it. WAIT FOR THE POST.
      Thank you so much Evin!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Hahah Divi this is such an entertaining post. Totally agree with writing, pinterest and insults lol. Another obsession of mine at the moment is procrastinating 😔😔 It really sucks especially considering the fact that I have a bunch of stuff due but oh well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Hreem! Are you sure you aren’t me ?😂 I know right, Insults are so fun!
      Uh so Mr. Procrastination is paying you a visit? It’s such a pain, I totally relate!
      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I really don’t know, I haven’t read books in a while. But you could try The Da vinci Code, Fault in our stars or any Sherlock Holmes books! According to a friend, I hear the Folk of the Air series is also a great read!


  9. Heya
    You’re absolutely funny ❤️
    My recent obsession is
    Reading while listening to music 🎶

    It’s cool
    Drowns out my families noise lol 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG I AM? Thank you!
      I’ve never tried reading with listening, maybe I should!
      Family noises, haha, yes I can relate! We’re all loud!
      Thanks for reading!


  10. Nice list of OBSESSIONS divi 😂. Mine are BOOKS (no surprise there), A tale of two cities ❤️, Percy Jackson 🔱 (as always), Six of Crows (I’ll never stop ranting ABT kanej) , Shadowhunters ❤️❤️😍 and Taylena!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. BOOKS o BOOKS. Talk about it here toooo?! But then, agree to disagree, Percy Jackson is one of the best fictional characters to have ever existed.
      Thanks for readingggg!


  11. Omg pinterest and writing and BTS???? I hear ya! I totally thought that BTS was weird and not even music a few yrs back. And mostly because of how my classmates reacted. U got that right. And now I srsly don’t know how and y I didn’t have them in my life before 😭💛

    Liked by 2 people

    1. WE HAVE THE SAME EXPERIENCES BAHAHA. I’m regret not knowing them before ah 😭😭 But then classmates, cringe!
      Thanks for reading Ashmitaaaaa!


  12. Nice! You really have a long list of Obsession!
    My current obsession are –
    * Drawing, Painting & Sketching
    * Reading storybooks
    * Listening songs
    * Sometimes Watching movies

    Happy October!
    – Himadri

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ah, you’re obsessions sound so cool! I definitely love watching films, that’s one of my obsessions too!
      Thank you for reading and happy october to you too!


  13. My latest obsession is audiobooks. If you love studytube AND aesthetics, I guess you’d like Ruby Granger too? But yeah, toxic productivity is real. Some studytubers promote that. It was nice to read about your October Obsessions (I know October has just begun, but it’s the alliteration ya know 🙈)

    Liked by 2 people

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