Sending you the festival’s greetings!

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Hello there! First off, I must wish you all a happy diwali. I was actually planning to make a huge post with write-ups and pictures about Diwali, but I’m not where I used to be. I’ve been travelling, and only now, as I type from my mobile phone, do I realise that blogging while you’re travelling is damn difficult.

Nevertheless, I plan to write a nice travel report when I do go back home. Of course, with pictures I clicked on the way🙃

I’m trying to be a good earth citizen by not bursting crackers this year, but it seems likely that I would go burst a few after persuasions by family. Yet, I’d try to be as sustainable as possible.

I look forward to so many other things today, especially the food🙈. Since this year I’m with my grandparents, I look forward to spend it with them.

what are you planning to do this Diwali?

Let me know in the comments!

Happy Diwali once again!

Not-so-daintily loving you,


P.S.- thank you so much for all the love you gave on the last post, but I’d be late in replying to your wishes!