Just an opinion, episode 5/ a rant: Love and people and social interaction in general are overrated + Life update

Hello, everyone! (Yes, I’m alive.)

I did disappear for a while, but then I just kept procrastinating over the blog, since the past two weeks. I’m being a toxic blogger who’s just waiting for stats to grow, without posting stuff. I’m such a hypocrite.

Coming to today’s entry, it’s by Riddhi, from whispering stories! She runs a book blog and this is something about her blog-

Whispering Stories is a blog for everything bookish, but I also sometimes post non-bookish musical, movie-related or just life-related stuff!

Riddhi B, author of Whispering stories blog.

Here is the entry she sent-

Love and people and social interaction in general are overrated

Umm you know, I kinda agree but I kinda don’t.

Sometimes, I just hate seeing people. Not because they’re insufferable, but then what conversation do I make with them? But sometimes, I just cannot stand being alone you know? *My ambiverted heart not being able to make a decision*

Social interaction is overrated, in a way. When I meet someone, I say hi and then I’m split between two choices- should I talk or not? Finding the ideal person to talk is a necessity for me. I get selective. So if I like that person, then hey, welcome this chatterbox of a person. If I don’t, it’s just hard. No matter how nice you’ll be, I’ll never be able to talk to you openly. It’s all about getting THAT vibe.

Second, the answers to some questions are hard. For example- how have you been doing lately?

I get thinking. What am I supposed to tell, that my favorite show just got finished and I can’t move on, school is tough, and I’m struggling with a character’s death in a book? That it is traumatic? Obviously, I can’t answer it like that. Even if I do, it’s not the “acceptable answer”, because whoever asked me how I’ve been doing, has already set a particular answer in their mind (and that reply is “i’m doing fine”). And they won’t get it. Awkward as hell.

Then coming to love, well I’m not sure. From a school perspective, it is SO overrated. In my school, the rumors begin if a girl is seen talking to a boy, or even EYE CONTACT and there go the oohs and aahhs by the teasing classmates. And every school has that group that’s always into who’s having a crush on whom and stuff. They’d do all pairings, and will howl like a pack of wolves whenever the girl and the guy have an interaction, when there is clearly NOTHING between them.

There’s one thing I wish I could tell them but I never could- GROW UP.

They don’t get it’s cringe to go on linking people and stuff. And then there’ll be heartbroken people who can’t get their crush to like them back. See, you develop feelings, but then don’t you have things to study? Isn’t this SCHOOL? Your life right now isn’t supposed to be a romance drama, it’s not gonna happen, it’s all unrealistic overrated stuff they show on television, you’re never gonna have it, so stop getting depressed about love.

I won’t preach further, but, there is still time in your life for that.

And people, well, I like people. Nothing wrong, unless they start a war or something. (Yes, I referenced it to that w@r)

But if you look at it from an introverted perspective, above all arguments stand invalid, because introverts react the following ways in each of the cases:

  • People- Meh.
  • Love- Meh meh.
  • Social interaction- An even bigger Meh.

So, yes, that was my opinion slash rant on this intriguing one liner, now how about you?

What is your opinion about people, love and social interaction?

Let me know in the comments, people!

And also, I will go a bit inactive for a while, because right now, I’m sorting, well, LIFE. Seems overexaggerated, but it isn’t. I’ve moved to the dreaded, overhyped and the pit of doom and misery, tenth grade. I’m just kidding. But still, I feel I really need to pay attention to school now (not that all these years I WASN’T, but still, goes to say), because I think the very first month of an academic year is like THE MOST important time, to set the correct pace for the rest of the grade.

I would also put this series to a halt, and continue it again in the month of May, and as promised, there will be ten episodes, look forward to the next five coming up later! If you want to submit an entry or something, you can still do it!

In the meantime, I’ll post something different, because I know, a blog series can become SO BORING. I need a change too. And also, apologies for not replying to all those comments I got on previous posts, I love you readers! Thanks for still being here, I’ll try to reply to you people henceforth!

Anyways, Sayonara, readers!

Not-so-daintily loving you,


Just an opinion!- A blog series @TheNameIsDivi!

This series is a blog series where I share my opinions on one-liners that I got from my readers a while ago. To fill in your entry please do do here. To learn more about the series, please read this post.

10 thoughts on “Just an opinion, episode 5/ a rant: Love and people and social interaction in general are overrated + Life update

  1. ah, I for one, don’t relate to this that much. I love meeting new people and I love talking to them. It’s so refreshing for me. I’ll decide if I like them or not later, but I do feel curious meeting someone I do not know. And about school love, yes those howling hyenas are the WORST. But honestly, if you mind your own business and ignore them with a killer attitude they’ll move on to someone new. Or you could do what is Sep fashion and turn around and look at them dead in the eye and say ‘I didn’t know you all fascinated me so much’. I won’t let these idiots ruin my chance of talking to Mr Editor or other guys. But hey Divi, with grade 10th comes a teeny tiny bit of maturity, who knows they might actually come to their senses and forget SRK’s infamous dialogue ‘Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nhi ho sakte’ total bs if you ask me.

    Also, I hope you aren’t over pressured by 10th already! It’s in terms right? Term 1 would be easy, and really, I’m still in 10th (board in a month!!) but I found it not so difficult. Good luck tho!


  2. Kinda crazy how much I relate to this, especially the ambivert struggles.😅💔

    I like people, I just don’t like talking to them. I don’t like social events and I’d rather much socialize with fictional characters in my head. Kinda makes me feel like a bad person sometimes.🙂😅
    As for love, oh well…let’s just see how that works out.🙂
    Nice post, love your energy. Hope you figure out… well, life. But then again, who does anyway?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes like SO cringe 🙄
    Yes bestie we’re in tenth grade together (literally) here’s good luck to both of us!
    OMG yes of course never could miss yours! Keep waiting 🙃
    Thanks for reading, and commenting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah like I’m not against people but I guess introverts have a different perspective. No, but you’re right, we’re a social animal, we definitely cannot avoid the sun and soil and people.
      Thanks for reading Dhriti!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Well well, the things which you mentioned about school love is so very very true! People really become so crazy about crushes and all! I really don’t understand why? 🙄
    And I can understand your 10th grade pressure as I’m with you in this.
    Ah! You will be continuing this series in May month! That’s quite a long time……well, out of your next 5 entries mine 1 entry is also remaining 😁 hahahaha
    Anyways, have a good time! ✨

    Your Himu

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