hello to the world!

Hello there

About the writer of this blog. Obviously.

I actually wrote an introductory post about me at the start of this blog but I guess it all goes outdated after some time. Plus, I saw loads of people having an about me page, which didn’t exist in my blog. So here we are.

I’m Divya, but almost everyone I know calls me either Div or Divi. I find it pretty cute too. I’m an early teenager who has lots to share with the world.

I’m interested in…

I’m super interested in pretty much anything interesting. Okay that didn’t make sense. I’m a Marvel fangirl, a potterhead, a demigod (woah woah, a demigod is actually a person from the fandom of the Percy Jackson universe. I don’t have any powers, though I’d love to have some.) I am a pop music addict who is majorly obsessed with Ariana Grande and Taylor swift (who isn’t?). The amount of Ariana Grande lyrics I know is toxic. I also became a BTS fan recently. I’ve been trying to avoid k-pop for reasons unknown, but uh no, I’m in that fishing net after all.

I really love to talk to people. Honestly, I’m a chatterbox. My friends say so. Did I mention I love to read?

Story of my life…

I haven’t lived a very big life but uh let’s just give it a go. I was brought to this world by my wonderful parents on a wonderful pre-monsoon day in June. I currently live in India, and I think I would continue to live here for probably the rest of my life :) I also have a little sister Meg (not her actual name, but Divi isn’t my real name either), who drives me crazy for a major part of the day, but loves me dearly and so do I.

I think I’d be oversharing at this point, but I’m also a student in grade 9.

Anyways, thanks a lot for stopping by. I appreciate it.



My favourite people to talk to
  • Family and friends
  • Music addicts🤷
  • Bloggers
  • Students

Please know that the content on this site is my own creation. Anything which isn’t, I make sure to give credits. In case you wish to include my content in any way, please make sure you give proper credits. Thank you!