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Correction, rainy days, not day, because, IT WON’T STOP.

My exams got over and it felt like my Boards got over. I was dancing yesterday and my friends literally had to tell me stop. “It was only the first exam, we get it.”

The entire day, I was in. When I could go and cycle alone or maybe listen to music and walk. But no. It wouldn’t stop raining. Rains are very ✨idealistic for writer’s- don’t get me wrong- but like, staying in the whole day is weird. It got so chilly, I have to wear cardigans and sweaters already.

The perfect thing I did was read. Read till my eyes felt sore. And I think I had my fastest read yet, 450 pages in 1.5 day. I feel so proud. My gracious friend from school let me borrow Fangirl and wow. I just liked how authentic the book was.

(Again, shoutout to my ⭐awesome⭐ friend for letting me borrow this book and letting me click cute pictures with her book. She didn’t say anything about the last part, but I had to do it. Thank you!)

Also feel free to look at all the self help book abundance we have at home in the picture.

But, picture yourself on a cold, chilly, rainy day, when days are dull. You’re sipping on coffee mixed with chocolate. Bitter yet sweet. And you’re reading this book. That, that, is comfort. That was this book. Comfort. It made me feel as if I was wrapped with a warm blanket that took me away from this world.

Books are like that sometimes. It’s like you meet a stranger but is like an old friend you recognize instantly and comforts you by giving you their warmth. I romanticize too much, but books are like that. They are like that, far from reality, utopian and ideal.

Not my picture but wish it was-😭😭

I feel a book that does that is so special. On so many levels. And when you finish it, you feel hollow. That is the endgame. You’ve read a good book.

I don’t even know why I’m doing this, whole book appreciation post. But sometimes, it’s like the only thing I feel I am connected to, materialistically. And no matter how many times I talk about books, it never stops being new to me.

So with all the exams preparations, I didn’t read for a whole month. Now I’m a free bird~

Also, can you love something but hate it at the same time? I love monsoons, but I hate them. Yes you get to be at home all day, but no, you have to stay at home all day. Those are two different statements that don’t sit well together. It’s a complicated feeling.

I had a writer’s block, past SO many weeks. I kind of feel guilty for not writing and doing what I love. I’ve been neglecting things on the internet. But truth be spoken, I definitely did not think of how I’d manage school and blogging. I thought I could pull it off, but I cannot. I’m still in that gray area, figuring out how to make things work. It’ll take months. But I have hope because this blog, is my safe space. I will not give up on this.

I’ve also stopped reading posts by other bloggers here on WordPress, and I feel kind of sad for not doing so. I’ll try to catch up with things step-by-step.

As for you readers, I would really love to chat with you guys! I’ll try to reply to your comments as much as I can!

To all my high schooler friends out there- How’s school treating you? All bookworms- What was the last book you’ve read?

Eager to know what you all have to say~

Not-so-daintily loving you,



Just an opinion: Episode 1- “I’m tired of seeing aesthetic bookstagrammers and their oh so amazing shelves…”

Hello everyone! Today’s post is the very first episode in the Just an Opinion blog series! I recieved such intriguing entries, I’m so happy I got so many!

Today’s episode features Sep, from Bookishly Yours. (One of my favorite bloggers out there)

Bookishly Yours is a blog where I (Sep) talk about books. No, I don’t have a huge fancy library, but I love books. I’m always up and ready for a bookish talks. Oh, and my blog has poetry, and other stuff too! (probably not the best description).

Sep, Author of Bookishly yours.

It is a great description, it’s all quirky and humorous~~

Here’s what she has to say-

I’m tired of seeing aesthetic bookstagrammers and their oh so amazing shelves. Don’t you think there should be more bookstagrammers who don’t have huge shelves but love to read?

First up, I do agree and disagree with you.

Vocabulary time- Bookstagrammer: A person who maintains a bookstagram, meaning a books-themed instagram account.

Fake expectation-anxiety is an actual thing. The bookstagrammers post such pretty pictures of their photos, it sometimes seems too good to be true. Despite not being on instagram, I think I understand what this means. On pinterest, the pictures’ level is somewhere up in the sky. Credits to their talents, but isn’t it too demotivating? Someone who wants to begin something, they’d see all this, the person would be so overwhelmed, they’d give up on this right away, saying “Man, I won’t ever be able to do it this good!”

The same thing would happen with the so-called “perfect” bookstagrammers.

Photo by Aleksey Sokolenko on

There picture perfect filter-thick pictures of huge bookshelves and over exaggerated emotions are enough to lead you away from reading. Because that isn’t the point of reading. The excessive beautification of a book gives you fake expectations, that you should do something similar to this. But it isn’t practically possible to read in an aesthetic comfortable atmosphere.

I mean, we all read on couches in our twisted positions that give us backaches.

And I don’t own a lot of books too. I bought the books in my home library when I was in my tweens, after that I didn’t buy many. The majority of the books I’ve read are either library borrowed, friend exchanges, or e-books.

So this is the part where I agree with Sep’s statement. There should be more bookstagrammers who don’t have a fancy library, but love to read.

Loving a book isn’t that easy. All of you people, who think reading is easy and can be done by just merely reading- no it’s not. Book reading is so personal to so many people like myself. Who like to own the characters, plotline, get immersed into the story entirely and read every single line and make out so many interpretations out of the words that convey the deep emotions. That is serious thinking.

And do you even know how hard it is to let go of a book and move on to another?

Photo by George Milton on

Reading 20 such books that touch you deeply and change you for life is greater than reading a huge bookshelf full of books that you read for bragging you’ve read those many.

So yes again, there should be bookstagrammers who don’t have fancy shelves but want to share their experience of reading books they like.

Coming to the disagreement.

Bookstagrammers use aesthetics for visual appeal, we all know that. Tell me fairly, do we all feel inclined towards a block of text or a picture? Not everyone likes reading such huge texts, no matter how good the content is.

At the end of the day, aesthetics, are just to bring the people in. Take my blog’s case for example. I try using aesthetics in my post, which are totally unrelated at times. It’s just a small trick people like me use for bringing people in and read your content. (mind you, this isn’t clickbait.)

Apart from that, aesthetics serve no purpose.

But sometimes, we should just leave it to them. Perhaps doing things like that give them satisfaction. I myself love doing photo set-ups for my object photoshoots.

In the end, I feel tired seeing the unrealistic aesthetic culture spreading, no matter how pretty it can make things seem. I’m all for actual content based approach, because aesthetics may go out of trend, but content never does.

Not-so-daintily loving you,


Just an opinion!- A blog series @TheNameIsDivi!

This series is a blog series where I share my opinions on one-liners that I got from my readers a while ago. To fill in your entry please do do here. To learn more about the series, please read this post.

Book tag- |LAST, NOW, NEXT|

Hello everyone! Happy February! I hope you’re all fine, and if you’re not, remember as usual that Divi, is always there for you <3

I was tagged for a book tag by @ Shivakshiiifyblogs the last week, and I must say, I was never this hyped for a tag this much. This is so fun to do. She herself is the creator of this tag, show her some love!

(Please note other bloggers that I no longer do award tags, but I still do book tags. All the bloggers who’ve tagged me for awards recently, I’m so happy for your consideration, thank you for your nomination!)

Shall we get into the tag then?

Points to remember :

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  • Have fun!


The last book I read was One of us is lying. It is a murder-mystery novel that revolves around 4 teenagers who are supposed suspects for killing a guy at their own school.

Yes! It did! First of all, Riddhi from @Whispering stories (Thank you for the rec-) hyped me up about it. I did like this book very much and I’m excited to hop onto the next one!

Ummm, hard to recommend. Look, this book has everything in it, but at some points, I really felt like I’d read this or seen this book in a movie or something. It seemed to me like any other YA novel. Not a stand-out, but, it was a memorable read for me, so go ahead and try it if you think murder-mysteries cum high-school tropes are your thing.


I’m was thinking of going on a book reading break because I have a lot of things on my to-do list and my exams are coming up. Nevertheless, I’m betting for an easy standalone book. They both die in the end, by Adam Silvera. I read the synopsis, and I’m so impressed.

As I said, I read the synopsis and I fell for it.

This one is a bit long, judging by my messed up schedule, it’ll be a long read for me:(


I’ll try to stick with Young Adult fiction, but historical fiction is on the list. YA is easy to read, because they’re all characters I can relate to in some way. Historical fiction because I’ve been so fascinated with history lately and if there’s any books adding a spinoff to that, that’ll be amazing for sure. Talk about a world war era melodrama or medieval Indian love story. It’s so cliched but so good to read.

As much I miss the characters of a book and say “It’s over already?!”, I prefer short reads because I don’t like holding onto a book for too long. I HAVE MORE STORIES TO READ.

I already mentioned about my top 10 tbr in this post, check it out!


As always, I’m leaving this an open nomination for anyone who’s interested in this tag! No pressure!

Also, before you leave, do not forget to fill out the form for my new blog series and make your opinion count!

Not-so-daintily loving you,


My reading goals of the year +Plan your reading for the year with me!

Hello readers! The last year was such a lesson, especially when it came to books. My life never felt so empty. Before that, my life was filled with stories of so many fictional and real characters, it was easy to distract myself from something that’s bothering me. Last year, for some stupid reason, I stopped reading.

I tried so much, but I just, couldn’t get myself to read. But now I feel, I need to get something to distract myself. So here are my reading goals for 2022, and feel free to grab a notepad, to plan out your year too!

How many books I’m wanting to read

I’m planning to read 30. I don’t want to set too many unrealistic goals for myself. I’m going to get myself to read 30, and slowly raise the bar high. I’m feeling, maybe I’ll raise till…60?

So, you could decide your number based on your capacity and of course, time. 30 books for me takes not much time, and I could easily incorporate that in my daily life, yours would depend on how hectic your schedule is.

What genres I want to read

Genres are very important. My book genres kinda define my vibe of the year. One year, I chose fantasy as my genre, I imagined being in Hogwarts. No, seriously.

This year, I want to read-

  • Young Adult- This genre is pretty broad, because there’s relatable teenage protagonists with relatable problems. This would include dystopian, romance, fantasy and everything else.
  • Dystopian- After reading hunger games, I’m pretty much convinced dystopian is my genre. I’m looking for more books like HG, maybe I’ll get lucky?
  • Crime- It’s kind of scary to think about crime, but I feel I have to try this out.
  • Action and adventure- Definitely my genre. I could read all day about protagonists going on life-defining trips filled with action. I definitely feel good about such books.
  • Mystery- Detective and thrillers are so interesting to read. Definitely on my list.

Top 10 TBR

For the unversed, tbr means to-be-read. Add that one in your glossary. Coming back to the list, a good tbr leads to reading good books. It gives a nice starting point. So my top 10 TBR are-

  • As good as dead- I was reading this one last year, but I left it in the middle of the process. I should start this one again, because the plotline is excellent.
  • A good girl’s guide to murder- I recently read a book review, this excited me SO MUCH.
  • Daisy jones and the six- After reading The Seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Taylor Jenkins Reid has officially become one of my favorite authors. Hence, this pick.

  • Turtles all the way down- I cannot say no to a book that has John Green’s name on it.
  • Fangirl- This is a book blogger recommendation! She told this was a book she’s read several times. That cannot stop me from reading.
  • It ends with us- One of my besties’s book rec. She has been fangirling over this.

  • Thirteen reasons why- I don’t know, the book cover interested me.
  • These violent delights- I heard it’s really good. Plus, the synopsis is AMAZING.

  • Our violent ends- It’s the sequel to the previous one, I have to read it.
  • The cruel prince- This book is called, been-on-my-tbr-for-long. I have to give it justice.

BONUS: Six of crows, because my friend wouldn’t stop begging me to read this.

When I plan to read

Everyday. I want to make this a habit. I would like to spend at least an hour reading. I know that going into 10th grade the coming year, I wouldn’t get as much time to read. But I’d like to be more productive and continue my reading habit.

As for you, on the other side of the computer, make your own call about how much time you should spend. Reading more shouldn’t mean placing everything else aside. Reading should be *in sync* with everything else.

I should do that first.

So that was…it. I know I haven’t posted that frequently in quite a while. My family and I tested positive for covid 19, so I wasn’t that active on wordpress. I missed out on comments and new posts. But since I’m better, I’m sure I’ll be regular now. Expect a post once a week, on Mondays! I’ll also reply to your comments sooner!


What are your reading plans for 2022? How many books are you gonna read?

Let me know your answers!

Not-so-daintily loving you,


The Currently Reading Book Tag !

Hey-llo to everyone! We’re doing something interesting today. No it’s not preachy or cheesy. It’s bookish! A couple of days ago, I saw this tag on Nehal’s Blog, and she had so much fun with the answers!

So I’m gonna steal her idea and let’s get going now-

1. How many books do you usually read at once?

Usually, 2 or 3. But lately I’ve got 4 on my currently reading list. But sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of the books. The plotlines get mixed, the page numbers jumbled and god knows what. So my book reading process begins like:

Step 1: Begin 10 books.

Step 2: Categorize 6 as DNF (“Did not finish”).

Step 3: Select any 3 as your final favorites and read them.

Okay, not that systematic. For me, the book has to get VERY interesting in the first few pages. If not, you belong in the DNF bin.

2. If you’re reading more than one book at a time, how do you decide when to switch to reading the other book?

When my brain cannot handle more information from the book. You know the best way to take a break from a book? Read another one. When I think I’ve read enough of a book already, I switch to the other one!

3. Do you ever switch bookmarks while you’re part way through a book?

Oh, if I ever used bookmarks.

I tend to turn my book upside down (and eventually get the binding weaker) or just put whatever comes to my hand: A newspaper, comb or a safety pin.

And I’ve tried to make bookmarks, but trust me, I lost all of them in a day.

4. Where do you keep the book(s) you’re currently reading?

Depends on which type it is. I read hard copies before I go to bed, so I tuck it under my pillow. What’s interesting is that I get dreams about whatever book I tuck underneath that night! Coming to e-books, I usually read them on the laptop or the tab. In the laptop, I usually store them in separate folders or bookmark them whenever I open them via browser.

5. What time of day do you spend the most time reading?

Evenings, because the rest of the time I literally cannot read them.

*Gets flashbacks from High school assignment crisis*

And at nights, before I go to bed!

6. How long do you typically read for in one go?

Depends on the book and it’s genre. I love mythological fiction and suspense, I can read for 3 hours in a go. If it’s standalones about real life problems, stories or anthologies, I can go for an hour or so. That is, when my assignments and chores don’t keep calling me. I read VIGOUROUSLY during summer breaks and holidays, rest of the time, I am not the bookworm people think I am.

7. Do you read hard covers with the dust jacket on or off?

Jacket off! I like to fidget with the book’s cover and the pages whilst I read and the dust jacket is so annoying. And it’s so loosely fitted, it’s always dangling .

8. Which position do you mainly use to read?

It’s called topsy-turvy-sleeping-curling-up-stretching position. I don’t stay in a place. I keep squiggling like a worm.

Wait, that’s what I am, a bookworm.

I’m usually on a couch or a bed, so it’s SUPER convenient and comfy.

My Graphic, btw.

9. Do you take the book you’re currently reading with you everywhere you go?

Uh, where do I go in the first place?

Nope. But back in school (sounds like adults saying “back in our times-“), I used to take it (my book) everywhere, after borrowing it from the library. We had to finish the book in a week and I borrowed books that were 500-600 pages long.

10. How often do you update your progress in the book you’re currently reading on Goodreads?

My “currently reading” books

Uh, I don’t. After I’m almost done, I remember “Hey I need to update that thing” and do it. But then, it doesn’t contribute or add value to my time so, I gave it up.

According to tradition, tags are made to nominate a few other people to do!

This time-

I nominate every other book blogger (and normal/lifestyle blogger-) to do this!

I wish I could answer more, but there are only so many questions. I saw this post tag and instantly fell in love with it. I feel lately that I’m not as humorous as I was, so this was a cool comeback. Or let’s hope this was funny. But honestly, being effortlessly funny is just a tough skill to have. What do you think, am I funny? Or am I dad joke Jin (Sorry but had to make that reference-)?

Hope you liked reading this!

And if you’d like to be Pen Pals with me- You’re always welcome to drop a message on my contact page, just send a hi or share something about you. I’d feel very happy to read what my readers and friends have to say!

My contact Page: CONTACT

Bye Bye!

Not-so-daintily loving you,


Why I hate books (for positive reasons)

Trash that click bait-ey title. It’s just a trick to lure you in. Don’t come after me now.

But before that:

Disclaimer: A lot of bookish references, mainly fandoms.

But I really hate books. For affirmative and positive reasons.

Photo by Sofia Alejandra on

They’re really good:

Okay, not all books are great, but I’ve read some really good ones. And the problem? They’re so good, you cannot put it down. And it’s not just in the recent years, I’ve been addicted to books since I was a kid. When I was in preschool and elementary schooling, I read fairytales non stop. A little older, I couldn’t stop reading Geronimo stilton (but now they seem so cringe). And there legit was a time when I read loads of graphic novels. And then came the diaries era; Dork diaries and diary of the wimpy kid. I passed through the Harry Potter phase and got myself into classics for a while, later. I remember a time I was obsessed with mythological fiction(Shiva trilogy, anyone?) Then comes Percy Jackson and soon Heroes of Olympus and now, I’m deep buried in Sherlock novels.

It’s so addictive, when we’re reading. YOU. CANNOT. PUT. IT. DOWN.

You get into more and more fandoms

That’s the tough part. Once you like a book/series, wham, the entire fandom invades your mind. And then you cannot stop obsessing. I know a super crazy friend who is into like a 100 fandoms at the moment (You know who you are). Every few days, she comes up to me and updates that she just finished a book series.

And then, those fanfictions, memes and headcannons invade my memory storage.

You then imagine yourself in the story and think of alternative scenes

I’ve 100 percent done this for every single book ever.

The plot is super gripping and then you cannot help but to imagine yourself in the story. I clearly remember me trying to pretend I was Hermione Granger. AND I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT I WAS DR. WATSON FOR A WHILE?!

I also try to reimagine the entire plot. What if the protagonist just gets killed off and his friends set out to take revenge instead? What if they fail to solve a mystery and they lose their reputation?

This is what books do to you. They turn you into a maniac.

*Maniac starts playing in the background, Divi vibes to it*

Real life is very boring

School. Boring. Friends. Boring. The world. Boring.

I wish I was at camp half blood, I wish my friends were secretly Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, I wish I could solve a murder.

How is it that the books’ world get to be so interesting and the real world doesn’t? I mean, Robert Langdon, who is an art history professor, gets to solve mysteries?!

And no matter how long you wait for your Hogwarts letter, no matter how long you wait for your satyr to come and take you to camp half blood, nothing’s going to happen. Books waste your time and hopes.

But I’m grateful I at least have A LIFE.

And comparisons between fandoms.

Is Sherlock better or Robert Langdon? Is Percy Jackson the better protagonist or Harry Potter? The frequent obsessions and comparisons are crazy. You cannot pick between two fandoms and books.

“Are you a bigger Sherlockian or a Potterhead?”

Ummm, I don’t know.

Me, when people ask me that question.

So at the end of the day, do I still hate books?


Will I still read them?

Affirmative. Yes.

And will I resent them as soon as I put it down?

That’s the usual drill, yes.

Not-so-daintily loving you,

Divi <3

P.S.: My exams begin next month (yes, again) and I may disappear. Please know, I do not intend to die young and that I’m still alive while I go on this little hiatus. Give my blog some love by reading a few of my older posts, will ya?

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My readers asked questions and here are the answers!

Correction. I begged them to ask me questions.

Ah, I love answering questions. It makes me feel smarter in a way. I kind of begged my readers i.e. you, to ask me questions and I’m going to answer them. These are the questions I’ve received via mail, comments, forms and even texts! Hopefully we’ll get to know each other better and share some laughs!

*I wouldn’t be pin pointing names, you already know what your questions are!*

On second thoughts, this collage I made is very geometrical. Is it nice?

Questions about me!

Which book character embodies your personality?

Ummm…hard one. I think a mix between Sarah from Sarah’s scribbles and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter series. Sarah is basically me- Lazy, bookish, relatable, awkward; and Hermione is a geek for everything. That just translates as: Divi.

sarahseeandersen | Book memes, Sarah's scribbles, Book nerd
An instance where Sarah is relatable.

Would you rather eat pizza or ice cream as the only food for eternity?

My tongue would soon die because of ice cream; sweet foods are tricky. Pizza, always.

Which show could you watch for your entire life?

Wouldn’t that become boring after a while? But then, if I have to pick between what I’ve seen, somewhat a mix between ‘The falcon and the winter soldier’ and ‘Loki’ (The marvel fangirl side of me wakes up-). I know, I know. But I cannot PICK!

I’d be happy to watch Young Sheldon too.

Do you have any hidden/secret talents or hobbies you’ve never told anyone about?

I shoot out webs from my arms.

Haha, interesting. But nope, I’m not the girl who keeps secrets. I do keep others’ secrets silenced, but I don’t actually have some secret talents. I’d love to have some though!

Who is your role model?

No one, actually. Setting up standards on someone else’s success story is not very ‘you’ centric. At least in my opinion. I’d like to set an example for myself, I’d try to be a better version of myself.

Which song is currently running in your mind?

It’s kind of odd. The time I am writing this answer, I’m busy humming Safety Net by Ariana Grande and TY Dolla Sign.

I mean it’s kind of obvious, I’m always humming Ariana Grande music.

School Questions!

what’s your favorite subject in school?

Math at the moment. These favorites keep on changing once in a while. But currently, I’m enjoying math!!

What’s your least fav subject?

Currently, it’s geography. I DO NOT like it. It’s sometimes hard to visualise or memorise where the northern plains are or where the western ghats are (I don’t remember it at the moment, despite having an exam the previous week-).

Just kidding.


what grade are you ?

I’m in 9th grade right now, and it’s a roller coaster.

What is your favorite and least favorite part of school right now?

Least favorite part is obviously getting stuck at home and schooling. There is no favorite part about online school at the moment :c

Book questions!

 Has any book ever made you cry? If yes, then which is that book?

The fault in our stars! Oh boy, I was sobbing so silently over fictional characters. It has got a sad ending which got me in tears. My friend had got that book for Christmas once and when she read it, she was geeking out all about it. I wouldn’t blame her. So recently, I gave the book some time. I must say, I’m profoundly impressed. 

It’s pretty hard for someone to make us laugh or cry. And definitely, this book was heartbreaking.

Which is your all time favourite book?

“One cannot simply have a favorite book.”


Ah, my favorite book keeps on changing. Right now, it’s A Study in Scarlet, because I’m very much into Sherlock right now. But if you ask an all time favorite, it is “Mahashweta” by Sudha Murty. That book has deeply touched me. I really wish that I could read it without knowing the plot again. I recommend you to read it!

Which is that book which made you laugh horribly?

I don’t read a lot of humor books, but there is a character called Leo Valdez (where are my fellow demigods?) and then there is the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. They are… quite something. I haven’t laughed horribly, but there are some instances that are just so funny. There are some sad things that happen too, though :c

What is your favourite place to read a book?

I could happily live in a small cottage that always smells like cake, somewhere in a forest, and read tons of books there. In real life, something like, on a couch or a bed, left undisturbed.

Has any book ever changed your life? If yes, which is that book and how did it change your life?

Nope, never been there. I’m not all jumpy about self help books.

That is it, lovely people! Thank you so much for sending these questions on my way. Hopefully you know me better.

Anyways, I was featured on Brainstorms blog by Nabeeha Jameel, so in case you didn’t check it from yesterday’s re-blog, you should give it a look…

I bid adieu, till we meet again.

Not so daintily loving you,


P.S : It also seems like I had a Six month Bloggiversary this July 4!! I didn’t even check! I hit publish on the very first post of this blog. I mean, my first post is so lame! I wish I had written it *well*. Anyways, its been LONG, though I began posting like only 2 months back. The blog also hit 1000 views at the beginning of the month, currently we’re at 1389 , I think. It also got 200 likes, and now its at 220 or something. And damn, 50 followers! Not to brag, but thank youuuuuuuuuuu! <3

*That was too long for a PS.*

It’s my turn to ask you a question- What’s the most random thing you can think of when you see this question? Whatever you’re thinking, type it down in the comments and send it!

Book Review (Something like it)- A study in scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle.

You know what? Book reviews are not my thing. I’ve never ever written a book review, not even for school projects. But now, I realized I was running out of ideas on what I could write my next blog post about. So I was like, “Okay, let’s do a book review.”

But this is what bloggers do. When we’re out of ideas, we try borrow someone else’s idea. At least ME.

I’m this type of girl who reads book reviews just for the sake of reading the review. Very rarely do I get motivated to actually read ’em. I’ve had such instances from many book bloggers, though. So today, I’ll try to write a convincing book review.

How the heck did I get hooked onto this book?

You remember my birthday gift? The Sherlock Holmes collection? I just picked out this book and started reading.

Quit bragging, Divi.

Okay, okay.

How I feel about this book-

Let’s jump to the story. First of all, this book is very iconic. The previous week I had read The Hound of the Baskervilles and to be honest, it did not strike me that deeply. However A study in Scarlet (referred to as ASiS henceforth, as I’m tired of typing the whole name), is very, very gripping. I sat to read this book for a week and I got half of it done. I sat another 2 hours and got the other half done. So that explains a lot about the climaxing of the book.

This is the very first time Sherlock Holmes is introduced to his long time companion Dr. John .H. Watson. It’s pretty vague and uncomfortable because Sherlock ‘deduces’ anything and everything about that particular person instantly. It’s pretty overwhelming in the start but soon, us readers catch up to Sherlock’s wits.


The story has two parts, the first one being the part where Sherlock and Watson get the case and the former identifies the Culprit/accused/murderer(is that a SPOILER?). The second part is the back story or what you’d call in a movie, a ‘flashback’. This doesn’t have any significant plot twists, unlike The Hound of the Baskervilles, but the story just does well on its own.

Characters (only the obvious ones)-

I won’t spoil anything but the significant Characters are:

1. Sherlock– Obviously. He is a detective residing in 221B Baker street, obvious again. He basically calls himself a ‘consultant’ detective. He does have a huge head and is VERY egoistic. But he wears it all very modestly. Also, he is a sarcasm enthusiast.

2. Dr. Watson– Perhaps my favorite character in the book. Dr. Watson is an army doctor who came back from Afghanistan and has to share the residence with Sherlock. In fact, the story is narrated from his point of view, so the way the way he chronicled the events are very impressive, considering he’s a doctor. He is very humble, skillful and witty. I feel this poor man is over shadowed by Sherlock and should be a little more considered.

3. Tobias Gregson– He’s a detective. Not as great as Sherlock though. Just a considerable detective.

4. Lestrade– Another detective. Now this guy, I pretty like him. Because he is a bit humble than Gregson’s pride. He is the person who puts forth the case to sherlock, when these detectives couldn’t crack the case. He’s smart too. He knows which points are necessary and which are crap. I’m also not sure about what this guy’s first name is.

Those are the characters I can describe, without giving out spoilers.

My opinions that nobody asked for-

  • The language is pretty old. it was written in the 19th century, for god’s sake, Divi!
  • The chemistry between all characters was very well set up.
  • It makes us want to read more to find out what happens. Or to be precise, why it happens.
  • Dr. Watson is underrated.
  • Sherlock’s humor is very sarcastic.
  • Dr. Watson is underrated. Just mentioning it again so that you wouldn’t forget it.
  • And, I think this story is fittingly narrated by Dr. Watson, because if it were narrated by Sherlock, we would be lost in his complex mind. And he wouldn’t even waste time in chronicling his adventures :)

So if you’d ask me what I’d rate it—–

Rating: 4 out of 5.

4 stars! I would have loved to read some plot twists but I think it was great! But the writing part, marvelous.

*Questions welcome! I'm kinda planning to do a Q and A post soon (or maybe later, who knows), so if y'all have any questions, literally any thing, about me, blogging, school life- drop a message, here! Looking forward to answering and writing!*

Anyways, Question for you! Have you read any Sherlock Book or have you seen the TV series or the movies? Let’s chat in the comments!

Books that I’ve been eyeing.

Books, ah, books! The month of June has so many targets. And I want to read more books! I’ve previously read only trilogies or book series and I want to change the game a bit. I’ve heard about these books so much, now I cannot wait to read them. So here is the list!

To kill a mockingbird- Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird: Harper Lee: 0738095236881: Books
I somehow came across this book while surfing through the internet. That's how it ended up on this list!

The diary of a young girl- Anne Frank

The Diary of a Young Girl eBook: Anne Frank: Kindle Store
I feel as if everyone on this planet has read this book except me. So I figure it's time to read it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Da Vinci Code- Dan Brown The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon) (9780307474278): Brown, Dan:  Books
Another super-popular, yet unread-by-me book. My mom has read loads of Dan Brown novels and she loves them!

The Book Thief- Markus Zusak

The book thief recently came to my attention. Out of all these books, I would prefer to read this first. Why? Because the cover looks kind of interesting. But also because it's a great book according to reviews:D

Gently Falls the Bakula- Sudha Murty

Buy Gently Falls: The Bakula Book Online at Low Prices in India | Gently  Falls: The Bakula Reviews & Ratings -
I absolutely adore Sudha Murty's writing style. I've read most of the novels she's written and this one is definitely a one I HAVE to read.

Have you read these books? If you have, I would love to know what you think; should I read it or not? And please, no spoilers. If you haven’t, let’s read them together this month! I hope this book list has helped you!

I’ll see you soon, with another post! Till then, read my recent post.