My Spontaneous mother’s day gift.

I baked a carrot cake for my mom on mother’s day. It tasted quite delicious, only because a cake, was ALL I had to offer.

I got to know about mother’s day only since a week before. I know that mother’s day is ‘some day’ in may (it’s actually the second Sunday of may, which, I discovered quite recently). So I left it at the back of my head, planning to postpone it, just like I always do. A day before, I was stunned by my ability to forget things and keep things on hold till the *last* minute.

Image credit: Pexels

Now I had three things to worry about –

Number 1- I didn’t have a gift

Number 2- My sister HAD ONE.

Number 3- Now I had to make one BETTER THAN HERS.

An untold ‘rule’ in sibling rivalry and competition is that the older kid outshines the younger sibling. Just for the mere reason of being ‘older’. So I had to {Or I think I had to } make a gift that blew my mom’s mind away. I don’t know, it’s like an unexpressed expectation that I had to reach. I had some *stupid faith* in myself that I’d magically conjure up a gift for my mom the next day. I left it just like that, and slept for the night.

(I have no idea how I slept peacefully when I had so much to do.)

On the day, I watched my sister get all the attention for her card {hey, I Wasn’t jealous}. But I actually felt bad inside for not giving a gift.

So I made a painting that day and gave it to my mother. And no, I cannot attach the picture here. My mom has it taped onto the wall near her desk {What can I say, she wants to see my painting everyday 😛 jk, lol}. Then as spontaneous as a Gemini can be, I came up with the idea of a carrot cake.

So I baked it, with my hopes high up, expecting a perfect cake and yeah, it didn’t let me down.

I did have a great time baking and everything but what I was ashamed of, was the way I did everything in the last minute. Juggling things in the last moment was sure a rough ride. Well that gets me adding another thing in my new year resolutions checklist.

Image credit: Pexels

Though I understand that a gift is not the only way to express love, it feels great to give something that’s made by our own hands. What’s better than seeing a smile on our loved one’s face?


anyways, farewell, my dear readers! (Well, at least till Saturday)

That was way too formal.

What did you do for your mother on mother’s day? You’ve got something to say? Feel free to drop a message to my mailbox or leave it in the comments!



P.S.- I have a freebie for you! Find my recipe for the carrot cake in the PDF attached! Also, I’ve got a new post coming up this Saturday!