Just an Opinion- a brand new blog series!

So, how are my readers doing? I hope you’re okay, in any part of the world you live in.

I’ve been thinking of doing a blog series for a while, and I thought, I could write about something I was good at- Giving opinions. Opinions no one needs. I wanted to write about some social issues, or controversial topics or give my opinions on a one liner.

But that’s when I got another idea.

What if, I got one-liners from you?

This would be more exciting, and relevant, since I get entries from you. So, I was thinking of receiving one-line statements from you. How do you do it?

I’d attach a google form along with this post. You could fill it, and you don’t ‘need’ to add your email. You could give a one-liner anonymously as well. But if you do disclose your name, I’d surely give credit to you.

Your one-liner could be something like-

  • I genuinely feel the education system needs to change
  • I don’t like E-books
  • How do I fight insecurities?

….and so on.

Guidelines, instructions and everything else:

  • You could give me a one-liner regarding ANY topic. For example- Advice, Blogging, writing, reading, social issue, etc. I’d do 10 episodes, 12 tops.
  • Your one liner would be the heading, and the more insightful and thought provoking, the better.
  • Your name would be mentioned. You could give me a fake name if you wish to be anonymous.
  • You can also promote your blog through this. More details on this one in the form.
  • You can fill out this form multiple times and give various entries.

Fill out the form here.

I really expect many entries to pour in. Remember, you only have to give a statement. That is all! Once you’ve filled it, let me know in the comments!

I’d begin the series once I’ve received a good number of entries!


Hitting a Century: A thank you note

I realized I did not exactly do anything huge for me hitting 100+ subscribers on the blog, nor did I thank anyone. I just left the announcement as a footnote. Which is kind of underrated. And undeserving.

I’ve never imagined myself getting to a hundred followers, like hundred actual people outside, in that wide world, reading what I write. It’s surreal.

But this thank you note is not for those followers. This thank you note is for the support I got from readers, interactions I’ve had, revelations I’ve made and things I’ve improved since I began this blog.

To all my readers, thank you. You are the reason I’ve felt motivated enough to write. Afterall, if what you do isn’t appreciated, would you want to do it anymore?

To all the visitors, thank you. Thank you for finding and supporting my tiny corner on the internet. Thank you for adding onto my view counter everyday, it’s kinda cool to watch my hits grow everyday.

To this blog, thank you. Thank you for teaching me that hard work does pay off. Thank you for teaching me how to over think and get some really good things out. Thank you so much for being my experiment lab, whether it’s a success or some sloppy writings.

Blogging has taught me so many things. The first being management. Running a blog is like managing a mini business. I need to manage many things while running a blog and not only the creative writing part. I need to make sure my blog is getting updated properly (like changing my header or fonts once in a while), making sure that my blog attracts more people, it’s not easy. But over time, I’ve grown to love this hassle.

The second is how I’ve brought even more talents out. I began photography, because I was too proud to use stock photos on my blog and credit them (though I still do it). And the need to photograph things made me passionate about it. And I’ve learnt graphic designing (my “blog diaries” entries!) and photo editing!

The third is about accepting compliments. I was never good at any compliments, but I’ve said so many “Thank you much”s and so many “I’m glad you liked it”s while replying to the comments I get on the blog. But! I mean it when I say thank you. And also, I’ve learnt how to *trash* spam comments. Some comments get so creepy, especially when they’re in a language I cannot understand. (I got some in Russian and Spanish, y’know?). Thankfully, akismet detects the spam for me *phew*.

The fourth is probably the best one. I’ve found some friends while blogging as well. Bloggers who read my posts and I read theirs, it’s a beautiful supportive gesture. I’ve gotten into touch with a couple of them via mail, for blog collaborations, or sometimes write to them as pen pals too! And I think the sweetest part is that nobody gets personal, nobody asks any personal details or creepy things as such. I cannot just stop admiring the courtesy of these friends.

Special mentions to Maith, Lili, Sam, Aashi, Sep, Evin, Nabeeha, Maya; a few such friends I’ve met while blogging. I’m grateful to all my real life friends for being my first readers as well as my lovely family! My mother was the first person who signed up to my mailing list, and one of my real life bestie, Aarya, was my first wordpress follower.

Thank you, dear blog for all of these!

Not-so-daintily loving you,


P.S.: Please stay tuned, there is a mind-blowing collab coming up soon!

City lights-An essay I wrote that isn’t for school

Hey you! Yes, the one reading this. I don’t know where you’re from, at the end of the day we’re both from Earth. Hear me out. This is important.

Photo by Phil Goulson on Pexels.com

Out of exhaustion by over thinking a lot, I collapsed all of a sudden onto my back, on the couch. I stared emptily at the crisp white ceiling. I observed the ceiling fan, spinning without ambition. The LED light shone even when the sunlight was just enough. Yet, I just stared. Nor did I even make an attempt to move a muscle. Meh, it’s just a light and a fan. Not that I affect the world.

Fast forward to a few days, I saw on the news that the UK has an ongoing fuel crisis. People are literally out of fuel. For now, they could borrow or arrange supplies from elsewhere.

As per my knowledge, fuels take millennia to form, especially fossil fuels. We began using fuels only a few centuries ago. Looking at where we’re now, 20-30 years, that’s it. We would run out of fuel everywhere. And this time, we cannot borrow from any country either. Unless new replacements are found, we’re pretty much back to the old times.

Forget about fuels, we’re scheduling our doomsday. I wouldn’t want to exaggerate, but this is serious. Higher and higher temperatures everyday. Climate change is everywhere. Though leaders across the world are coming together for prevention of global catastrophes, it’s still not prevalent. What we lack is initiative. And the saddest part is that it’s not only humans who would get affected.

Along with humans, animals, birds, marine life, everything and everyone would get affected. I wouldn’t go too far by accusing this as a consequence of the humans’ actions. I would, though, point this out as the consequences of our ignorance.

Talking about ignorance, aren’t we all blinded by our own ignorance? Take my case, for example! I turn on fans I don’t even need and leave lights on their own when I can make do with sunlight.

I leave water taps open whilst I brush my teeth, I waste electricity when I sit in front of my PC doing non-productive things.

When we all start listing out all what we do at home out of ignorance, we would question our own actions. And then, we would take initiative. Ignorance isn’t bliss after all.

I peek through the balcony, see the city lights blinking and busy vehicles quickly rushing by on the bridge. And all I wish for, is that everything stays the same.

I really thought this would be a very meaningful post to share. And this is the only essay I haven’t written for an assignment at school. I’m accustomed to writing essays for competitions and contests, never was I so deeply moved to write something that doesn’t have a due date. I pondered, what would really happen if everything just suddenly shut down, vehicles, factories, buildings, everything.

But it’s our earth, only we can protect it’s sanctity.

Today, I request every reader out there to confess all the things they do, which are ignorant from an environmental perspective.

Let’s put forth our regrets and take initiative. Let’s chat in the comments.

I’ve done it, now I want you to, too.

Not-so-daintily loving you,


Not a lot going on at the moment: A question I’d like to pose

T.S. the Great.
*Waits for Red (Taylor’s Version) to come out*

Hi! I mean, Bye.

This is not a post. This is me saying that there wouldn’t be a proper post today. Don’t camp out and wait for my post to come.

No one waits for your post like that, Divi.

The thing is that my examinations are ongoing, and it’s gonna take me another week to get started with blogging again. So, not a lot going on at the moment. But, I’ve got ample time to pose this question to everyone out here-

Is it alright to not have a lot going on at the moment?

Just write down some real long answers, bring that writer out of you. Answers in the comments and lot’s of love to who ever is willing to stay with me till the next big post comes up.

I hope you all are doing exceptionally well, and may you have strength to face the pandemic that has shook all of us.

Not-so-daintily loving you, but adoring you till the end of the world,


An award tag – the aesthete blogger award!

Whoa. I mean totally whoa.

It’s been an exciting week, but lord, never expected something like this.

This award is quite special, because its my first one! *Screaming on the inside *

First of all, Lot’s of love to Maggie, the lovely person who nominated me. She is a wonderful blogger who has a wonderful and an exciting blog. I cannot describe someone else’s blog, for only the person who made it can describe it truly and passionately and my explanations, are just mere assumptions and compliments. Head straight to her blog, here!

Beautiful logo, right!

This award was created by Ashmita @ The Fictional Journal, and it has been reaching more and more bloggers everyday!


  • Display the original logo on your post.
  • List the rules, of course.
  • Thank the person who nominated you!
  • Mention the creator (Ashmita @ the Fictional Journal) and link it back to the original post.
  • Tell me something about this world that you admire.
  • What is your favourite form of creativity?
  • Nominate 7 lovely people and notify them by commenting on their posts; spread some love!
  • Ask your nominees 4 questions.
  • Share something you created. (can be anything!)
  • And lastly, just so you know: I LOVE YOUR CREATIONS!

Tell me something about this world that you admire

People! Positive people, of course. Humans are the reason why we have this world. I admire people because they have brains a heart. A heart to give another chance. Also, people are the reason we have books, movies and food. Aliens didn’t write Harry Potter, the oceans didn’t create the superhero movies (To be precise, Marvel) and the volcanoes never made food. Bad examples, but you get my point.

What is your favorite form of creativity?

Writing, as of now. I’m so obsessed with writing. The reason why blogging isn’t the answer is because, it’s not my first priority. Writing is my first love (and eternal too), hence my favorite. I get to express things that I may not be able to in real life. Also to beat some sense into people. But mostly expressing myself.

Something you created?

Haha, the entire blog that you’re reading right now.

Now, my nominees are:

Evin @ A Curly Sue’s Ramblings

Nabeeha @ BrainStorms

Grace @ Graceful Rags

Maya @ Pretty Little Scribbles

Maith @ Jovial Pages

Aadhya @ Adya’s Diary

Sep @ Bookishly Yours

I bet most of my nominees already got tagged for this thing, but I can’t seem to know many people out here!! Anyways, my questions!

  • Which book’s lead character do you wish that you could be in real life, and why?
  • What would you define as your perfect life? (Haha, no philosophy class, okay?)
  • Where do you envision your blog to be 2 months from now?
  • Are you guilty of doing something silly? (How about you confess it?)

Wheeeeeeee! Thanks for the award and Luck to all my nominees! And hey, no pressure, only if you’re interested. If anyone else wants me to tag them in this award, I’m happy to! Drop a message in the comments or here.

Not-so-daintily loving you,


Hey there!

Hi!!! First of all, thanks for being here. I’m Divya, or “Divi”, that’s what my parents call me. I’m this excited girl loaded with passion about almost everything. But to be specific, I love food, photography, travelling and of course, writing. I’ve been blogging for quite a while now, starting with my debut The Mental Fit . This blog is all my favorite things, mushed up together. Throughout this journey, I’ll be sharing stories from everywhere, recipes from our family kitchen, travelogues from all around and photography, from elsewhere.