Bye-Bye, Extrovert! : Why I chose to become an Ambivert

Am I an ambivert or am I an ambivert?

Heyaaaaa! I hope you’re alright. You noticed I didn’t post this Saturday right?

Got Busy In My Exam Study, You See.

Let me compensate it today, lovelies.

I was previously very proud of being an extrovert. But honestly, being anything has NEGATIVES. Be an introvert, you’re not the socializing type. Be an extrovert, you’re TOO much of the socializing type.

Ah world, can you just stop?

I had a very bizarre mindset towards introverts, always thought that they were so quiet and mum about everything! Haha, they have a good reason to be.

As I met newer people every year (Ha! The new kid in the class), I understood more about them. Some open up and some are very shush about their life. I thought it was absurd. They were just afraid of being judged, I think.

Coming to the stereotypically “Confident” extroverts. You know, being one previously, I can tell you a thing about that. Extroverts are more “liked” (I don’t know, are they?) because they’re always ready to talk. And who doesn’t like talking? They cannot stand being quiet and alone. Because they like attention? Or because they like people?

Opened White Book
I’d rather read a book than talk to shitty people. Deal with it.

I chose to be an ambivert. Yes, by choice, people.

I am not the shy type. I am VERY outspoken. But I don’t know what got into me, the pandemic has changed me, as I told you before. Or maybe it’s teenage. Either way, it’s not a big deal. I’ve become more self-aware.

I used to be like, “Hey, you’re in my class!” or “Hey, I met you during that event. We spoke for… two minutes.” . I know, I was very cheesy.

After sorting out my priorities (Why does that remind me of Hermione Granger?), I’ve come to an understanding that:

  • I basically like talking;
  • but I don’t like talking with just “anyone“.
  • Especially idiots.
  • I’m more of a deep conversation person.
  • I only like people who are like me.
  • I’m actually a bit shy.
  • And I hate people who aren’t interested in anything I like.
Woman Jumping Wearing Green Backpack
That’s totally how I’d jump. Just a whacky, little, curious bean, that’s what I am.


Why actually think of becoming an ambivert when everything is just alright in your life?

  • Extroverts like me generally cannot live without people: We need people around us to live. Being alone, solitude, the likes- a huge no-no.
  • I make others a bit irritated- Constantly being bugged by a person about some random crap is SO IRRITATING. Haha, you have no idea. I simply don’t know how and when to shut up.
  • I can be too open- I lose control over my emotions and just share way too many things with people. I guess it’s time to learn that some things are meant to be discussed with myself and myself only.

Did I place enough arguments in front of you?

That folks, is why I don’t want to be an extrovert anymore. You know, I’m just sick of it. I want to live in my small little world and do what I like. That’s it. Mission “Be an ambivert” begins today!

Farewell, extrovert!

Not-so-daintily loving you,


*Questions welcome! I'm kinda planning to do a Q and A post soon (or maybe later, who knows), so if y'all have any questions, literally any thing, about me, blogging, school life- drop a message, here! Looking forward to answering and writing!*

P.S.- Oh I almost forgot. I was way too lazy to photograph anything for the post (also, time did not cooperate. But that’s normal :| ), so I borrowed pictures from Mentioning it because I clearly, don’t wanna be sued :)

Now I have something to discuss. I wanna know what type of a person you are; An extrovert, An ambivert or an introvert? Let’s chat in the comments!


Inconsistency. (Plus, a tip from me)

Inconsistency, my god. Such a drag. I’m not only a procrastination expert but super inconsistent too. If you feel I’m exaggerating, honey, I’m not. I’m stating pure facts. I try to keep up a good habit but eventually I get lazy. After all, this is ‘me’ we’re talking about.

Still don’t believe me? Let me narrate you a small extract from my totally spontaneous life.

I was totally getting confused about keeping my sister’s and my room (hereafter referred to as ‘our room’ ) clutter free. I had to reduce things in our room, at least to prevent myself from tripping over the toys and literally un-name-able objects lying on the floor.

One fine day, I said to myself “This is it. Do or die, I have to get rid of stuff”. Sometimes, we need to be hard on ourselves, shouldn’t we? That’s my super motivated self.

So I officially made the room clutter-free, or maybe for the next 7 days. I enjoyed that feeling of emptiness, of not tripping over your own stuff and positive vibes. “Feng-Shui is working pretty well”, I said and soon I jinxed our room. I tried to maintain the room the same way for what, the next two days {Not even a week} and I got tired {!!!}. Myself doesn’t like me working so hard, so I left it. Again, one fine day, all the clutter and crap piles up an I have to work my butt off.

You see the circle?

My parents keep telling me about being consistent. But boy, did I ever listen?


Unless we tell ourselves that we need to be consistent, no matter who lectures us, we’re nowhere to be working consistently. To be honest, I still haven’t figured this out myself. But one thing that seems to work is reaffirmation. I set alarms from time to time to remind myself about some little things that slip away from my mind easily. One for doing my chores, one for reading and another for taking C Vitamin, maybe? Think about it.

So I’m always trying to remind myself that I need to do things regularly. Like exercising. I like doing it, but I’d be like ” I’m just not in the mood to do it”. That is the lamest excuse ever. So self-motivation is super important.

Take these words from a non-expert but an insightful teen.

Happy Saturday! {I couldn’t put it at the start of the post because it didn’t fit the theme of the paragraph.}

I still haven’t taken my C-Vitamin. I better go to it.

How do you try to stay consistent with any new hobby you pick up? You’ve got any additional tips to suggest? Feel free to drop a message to my mailbox or leave it in the comments!



*Questions welcome! I'm kinda planning to do a Q and A post soon (or maybe later, who knows), so if y'all have any questions, literally any thing, about me, blogging, school life- drop a message, here! Looking forward to answering and writing!*

The world is too fast: Trying to cope up with the world.

Happy Saturday!

This week passed by way too fast! And it’s Saturday already. Speaking of fast, Don’t you sometimes feel that the world’s moving too fast? That everyone except you is racing ahead? I feel like that every once in a while.

I’m a very competitive person who always wants to be in limelight, always on top. Whether it’s school, sports, arts or anything. I can’t bear the thought of not being on the podium. I made a confession.

Recently, the world’s been a bit too much for me. Not only for me, basically everyone, even you who’s reading it. I’ve picked up so many new things, but I just don’t know if I’m supposed to be proud about it or feel like an idiot because someone has already done it before me. My crackhead brain just doesn’t understand the fact. Well, until recently.

Someone has already read that book before me; someone has already written that; they’ve scored better than me; if only I couldve done that too– I have myself to blame and someone else to cry about it. Don’t call it jealousy, just don’t. I’d like to call it motivation that is uncalled for. {okay, okay. I did that to make myself feel better about me being jealous 🙆‍♀️.}

What I didn’t see before is that comparing ourselves to others actually gives motivation. Children ask their parents not to compare them to some other kid who is ‘doing better’. Now I see it. I guess we actually somehow take it to heart and try to impress our parents. Motivation, just not in the way we want it.

You see your friend’s scoring well, maybe better than you; another friend who can sing or draw better than you. Then you’ll have a small question somewhere in that corner of your heart, “what do they have that I don’t? “. Honestly, the number of times I’ve asked this question to myself is UNHEALTHY.

I guess age brings deeper thoughts to us. I feel quite older than I was the past year. It’s silly. But I’ve started thinking a lot, about things, lately. I’ve {kind of} understood that there is no point in trying to find someone else in ourselves. If we do, then there is no point in being us.

And we don’t have to do something that no one has done before. My brain got this fact inside itself only a few weeks ago. I always tried to invent some new thing and become the first person to do and blah blah stuff. Stupid right? Keeping my stupidity aside, I just wanted to say that as long as we find what we’re doing, new and exciting, we don’t actually need to worry about the world. I write because I fall in love with it everytime i pick up my pen and notebook.

I’m still overwhelmed with the world though.

do you have such opinions about the world too? What do you do? Feel free to drop a message to my mailbox or leave it in the comments!


That’s the only word I know in German.



*Questions welcome! I'm kinda planning to do a Q and A post soon (or maybe later, who knows), so if y'all have any questions, literally any thing, about me, blogging, school life- drop a message, here! Looking forward to answering and writing!*