A musical interview with Lili @lili’s-not-so-secret-diary! (A collab)

Today is a guest post, by Lili, a blogger who writes on her blog “Lili’s-not-so-secret diary”. In this post, Lili and I have a chat about one of our common interests: Music.

{Everything from here in italic and in preformatted text is me, and everything else is Lili!}

Hey Lili! I’m so happy to have you here! Before we begin, would you give a small little introduction about yourself from a musical perspective?

Hii! It’s cool to be here! *stares as if it’s a new room*
I’m Lili. A multistan, not a very big one though. I like to live by a few song lyrics and I absolutely love Yoongi’s lyrics the most. I like slow sad songs with like relatable lyrics (not the heartbroken love stuff 😂💀) and I also love rap songs! I dream of making my own music one day!

Speaking of your own music, I saw your covers on your blog, they’re awesome! On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your singing?

Oooh thank you! I’d rate it like, a five? Or maybe six. I know there’s so much to improve on, and I’d love to improve! Like cleaner notes and pronunciation? I’ll have to figure that out. And oh, no butchered Korean 💀.

5 that's it? I love your determination to become better. Let's talk about your inspirations. I believe that you are a fan of many music fandoms. What was the very first fandom you joined?  

Yess, I’m a part of like *counts* eight fandoms- BTS’ fandom was the first one I joined. A.R.M.Y before any other fandom 👀

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Oh yes, BTS! I'm obsessed too. Everyone our age is obsessed with music (or let’s hope-). Do you think you’d have the same pop obsessions/idols 10 years from now?  

Agreed! Yess, I think I would. I cannot get over a lot of music at the moment, so I think yes I might have the same song/band obsessions 10 years from now. I mean 10 years is a long time, and the idols will be living their comfort life and all, but their music will still exist, soo yeah.

That's a beautiful expression of what you think. Let's come back to the present. Which Artist’s concert would you go to, if you had the chance?

BTS! Now tell me how obvious this was 😭 You know their concerts have this different energy. It’s chaotic and cool at the start, but gets so sad at the end. I’d love to see myself screaming and cheering for them, I can totally imagine that-

A different energy, agreed. You'd have a few songs on your mind that give you some feelings. What are the top 5 songs you can think of right now?
  • BLACK (G-Dragon ft Jennie)
  • Next Level (Aespa) – I’m listening to this rn!
  • Paint the Town (LOONA)
  • Ddaeng (BTS)
  • Cry for Me (Twice)
Haha, I must admit, I love Ddaeng too much. Does your family share your musical taste?

No, no no not at all. My mom prefers bollywood and old songs, my sister prefers old English songs and here I am, obsessing over songs that are composed in a language that I don’t even understand 😌😂Singing those 25/8 in broken Korean 💅 Fan goals on point though.

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Broken Korean, I can relate! But, If you could be any music artist right now, who would it be?

IU! I love IU so much. Her fandom is CHILLED. They’re probably the least toxic fandom tbh. And she has a beautiful voice like😫 I’d love to see what it feels like to be called the nation’s little sister!

What song would be the title track for your life right now?

BLACK (as I mentioned before). It’s just sad but beautiful.

What is your favorite music Genre?

K-pop 😂 Again, how obvious was that? I also like Pop, but I’m very choosy- Yep.

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Open Spotify or whichever musical app you use to listen to music. Who are the top 5 artists you see in your library?

I see Wendy, Agust D, LOONA, TXT and BTS. 

Ooh great choices! Which lyric best describes yourself?

“Forever we are young

Even when I fall and hurt myself

I endlessly run toward my dream
(dreams, hopes, forward, forward)”
-Young Forever, BTS

I love them. Which lyrics do you "relate" to a lot these days?

Ooh there’s a lot!

1. I just want to be happier, am I being too greedy? – Blue and Grey
2. …..the living is wise if you never ever think twice – Paint the Town
3. I’m the same old me, I feel like I lost everything – Eight
4. All you wanna be is trendy, aggressive gimmicks, bad…. – HIP
5. I won’t change, I’m loving what I got, I wanna be me me me – Wannabe
6. You’ll never know unless you walk in my shoes….everybody sees what they wanna see, it’s easier to judge me than to believe – You Never Know

Like there’s sad stuff and then there’s like sassy stuff 😂

Haha, I love those variations! Random question: If you could go back in time to listen to a hit song when it was released, when would it be?

Hmm, maybe Exo’s “Love Shot”? That’s literally the only EXO song I like. I’d say IU’s ‘Lost Child’ but it isn’t THAT much of a big hit (armys see what i did there?)

Another random question: Which artist do you regret not discovering earlier?


I'm sure we all have one song like this- Which song took you to a WHOLE NEW different reality?

Born Singer by BTS! I totally feel the harsh reality they faced through that one song. It’s my favourite one too!

Now since we're talking BTS. You’re an ARMY (that’s obvious after all these answers-), what do you think sets the Bangtan Boys different from other artists?

I like how they do so many different concepts. Also how chaotic they are, how relatable they can be with lyrics. I don’t like them only because they’re famous and look good, or just to go with the flow okay. And also their fandom, it’s like a huge talented family lmao. I think there’s a LOT more which I can’t think of, at the moment.

Okay, Quick question time! Kpop or Pop?

K-pop, how obvious was this again 😭 Sorry Pop lovers reading this, I do like some Pop though-

Best song ever?

That’s hard. I can’t really choose. But according to me I think it would be “Hello” by Joy. There’s no way you could dislike that song. It’s so cheerful and bright!

Best Album ever?

Wings! WINGS IS LITERALLY PERFECTION. Every song, every beat, every beat per minute- Okay let me stop. But it is perfect. Like have you heard Lie and MAMA? Don’t get me started on Stigma like HOW TO HIT THOSE NOTES TAEHYUNG?? And Cypher pt 4 🙄✋💅

2!3!, Begin, Wings, BS&T all of them together is just *chefs kiss* I love all the songs on that album. 

Pictures for mood board: Pinterest, Template from: Canva, Editing by: Divi, and oops- Jin is in the picture, because guess who else likes pink?
TRUE THAT! Now, Which song do you think is overrated and which song do you think is SO DAMN UNDERRATED? (state your reason so that you don’t get attacked oops-)

Overrated –
Rookie by Red Velvet, Growl by EXO. Please, don’t come at me but SM during that time wasn’t my vibe. I do not like them, and I feel like people wasted their time streaming that tbh. And if I were to give a song from BTS, it would be Boy with Luv. Don’t come at me, it’s the song that got me into BTS, but look at a point I got tired of it. I know BTS got a lot of fans from that era but still, I just don’t know how to explain this.

Underrated – People by Agust D, What do you think by Agust D, Sea (BTS Hidden Track) Like ‘people’ is BEAUTIFUL. Also Butterfly by LOONA, though I’m not sure if it was THAT underrated, it was supposed to be their first win I think. “When this rain stops” by Wendy is also beautiful and underrated according to me. Yep.

Do you like music on the basis of  the lyrics or groovy beats?

Lyrics. Just make more of an impact on me. 

Thank you so much Lili for bringing your musical genius to this post 😂  Any last words?

This was like a long post, but it was so fun! Took me like two hours to write all this :O but still. I’d just say that when everyone leaves, your music will stay with you. And yep! That’s the end of this post. Thank you so much for having me on your blog!

Once again, Lili, Thank you so much for this! Hoping to see more of your writings on your wonderful blog!

So ta-da! That was how this collab went, it was super fun. Make sure you visit Lili’s blog (she writes poetry and blogs about the random things in her life) before you leave!

And also,

Since this is a two-sided collaboration, Lili also happened to interview me. Find it here!

Not-so-daintily loving you,



The Sarcastic Synopsis: Writing a sarcastic synopsis for some of the most popular films since 2000

I’m gonna love doing this.

Hello, I’m back from my 2 week hiatus, I hope you missed me. Today we’ve got an interesting one coming up. I’m putting my grumpy-old- Sarcastic self to use today. I will be writing Sarcastic Plotlines/Synopses for some of the most popular films since the 2000s.

Mind you, this is just for fun and these films are actually some of my favorite ones. No shade! Even if you feel offended..ummm, no, nothing I can do to fix that.

Spider Man– A movie about a boy, bit by a genetically modified bug. He turns into a human spider and goes through a series of calamities, including a poor CGI enhanced Green Goblin, who turns out to be the father of the boy’s best friend.

Avatar– A critically acclaimed film about humans turning into blue people with tails on another planet, who were first fascinated by the place but later other bad guys from the same damn earth come and attack the planet who sent the humans to become blue people in the first place.

Catwoman– A super cringe film about a woman who gets cat abilities who goes around the city in a leather Halloween costume and a cat mask.

Hellboy– A story about a red chili with two horns who thinks he can save the world.

Cast Away– A film about a man from FedEx who talks to a volleyball named wilson after he lives on an abandoned island for 1500 nights.

Avengers Endgame– A Blue machine and a man who wears Iron are rescued from space by a girl who has lamp-hands. A super fat former-good-looking God of Thunder, a 100 something old soldier, a depressed red-haired spy, a brawny-but-brainy Green beast, a shrinkable man and lamp-hand girl team up with the rescued guys from space to bring back dusted out people by a purple grape.

Conjuring– A jump scare film about a creepy woman who can see unseen things and her sidekick husband who solve ghost cases. They come to a family, who wasted their money to buy an obviously-haunted looking house. And NOW, they realize that a creepy thing is haunting their family.

Harry Potter films– A movie series about a boy with a torn forehead and broken glasses, a human dictionary and a freckled poor Weasley fight a nose-less, robed man with a magic stick while studying how to make objects fly at the school for magic freaks.

The Percy Jackson Franchise (Franchise? Really?)- A movie franchise that works well as a film franchise but utterly and most brilliantly fails in following the path of the damn books. In short, water-god’s half human kid sets out to defeat a titan living in a sickly, skinny, unattractive boy Luke’s body. (The book Luke was described so well-)

Percy Jackson author criticizes the films in series of emails

Legally Blonde– The most applicable tagline to this would be- “Barbie goes to Law school!”. A blonde, human Barbie loves this man who hates blondes. She wants to go to law school just so she could impress him, that she’s smart. And it’s just not any law school, it’s Harvard. In the end, she becomes a lawyer and leaves the viewers wondering just how.

The Mummy– A movie about wrapped dead bodies awakened by evil magic.

AI: Artificial Intelligence– A robot wants to be loved by a mommy, that’s all.

Ip Man– A movie about a poor man (why is it always someone poor-) who is good at punching people. 1 hour 46 minutes of pure fighting and martial art beliefs and philosophy (same old things I heard from my own Karate teacher-Yes I did Martial arts).

Wonder Woman 1984– A very cringe overhyped film that involves a female Hercules who tries to fight with a wild cat. There is another antagonist, a man who grants wishes with a piece of stone.

*This is not how you portray superheroes anymore 😶*

Cinderella (2021)– A deeply boring film with a girl who wants to own a shop to display stitched pieces of rags, despite having one of the best voices and become a singer instead, but the evil stepmother prohibits her to even breathe, so there ain’t no hope for her except a prince in disguise. The entire movie revolves around a piece of glass as everyone starts singing irrespective of who’s watching and where they are.

Mr and Mrs Smith– No making this sarcastic, I cannot under-exaggerate this one. A couple who are secretly assassins are on a mission to kill each other. That is the actual plot.

Toy Story 3– Toys creepily come to life when no one’s looking, they get left at some school of ka-ray-zee kids. They discover that the school has an underground dictator, a pink teddy that smells like strawberries. The toys have to escape and get back to their owner, a kid going to college.

Orphan– a weird film with a senseless family who adopt an obviously-a-ghost kid. The kid acts very friendly at first but then later manipulates them. But, spoiler, the kid isn’t actually a kid.

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows– A movie about a poor, drug addicted detective who works with an equally poor doctor, as they try to find out the brother of a gypsy lady. They have to face an old man called Jim Moriarty who is supposedly a math geek.

Coco– a cliched movie, a family hates music but the kid loves music. The kid goes to the land of skeletons, dances with the bones and meets his dead ancestors’ skeletons.

So, I hope you liked my comeback. I sat and drafted this in one whole sitting, it didn’t take that long, now it seems stressful. I’d be detaching from my laptop for a while, but you should write down some things for me-

Is there any other film you’d want me to write a sarcastic synopsis about? I’d compile them into one post and make a part two!


I would love to know how life’s going on for you! let’s chat in the comments!

And if you’d like to be Pen Pals with me- You’re always welcome to drop a message on my contact page, just send a hi or share something about you. I’d feel very happy to read what my readers and friends have to say!

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