Getting out of my hole of procrastination (again)

Hello! I have been so irregular with the blog. Guess why? I chose to procrastinate over this. My apologies, again.

So, I’ve been sinking in the hole of procrastination again. At this point of time, I’ve realized something. It’s only natural to do this. Procrastination was meant to happen, to deviate our minds. It’s just like another piece in a chess game.

But how I got out of it, it’s a long story.

So it began this way. In the Xmas holidays, I sorted out my life. I reoriented myself to work towards my goal(s). I began to be organized, I started with the so called “perfect life”. But then after I recovered from covid early January this year (I know, such a bad start for a new year), I started using this excuse of “recovery” trauma.

I binge watched series and films, because I was “recovering” and I needed to feel good.

I did art stuff to make me feel good.

I inclined toward pleasure, because I had “trauma”.

And…I lost focus in practically every single thing I did.

After I realized I was being too much of a master procrastinator, I hatched a plan.

  1. I would finish a chunk of work
  2. Watch whatever I was watching
  3. Get back to my work
  4. repeat.

This was a good system when I was watching something very gripping. Like a series or a film or reading a very interesting book. Let’s say, finish 10 long history essay type questions, get 10 minutes of watch/ reading time.

It is very efficient, until I discovered a loophole. When I traded every history question for a minute of leisure, I sometimes, you know, extended it. Like 10 questions= 20 minutes of procrastination.

The starting, goes smooth, but long term, well, back to day 1. So, I figured a better way.

We’re humans, and as good as we can be while being stubborn, we also tend to get deviated. So, an atmosphere where there can be no possible distractions (like, literally nothing), you’d succeed in finishing your work, zero procrastination. But this isn’t practical. We live in the tech era, if you forgot.

I wouldn’t suggest you downloading procrastination-free apps or something as such (though they can be useful, but they have their own flaws and CAN be cheated). Instead, try to think really hard.

Remind yourself what is at stake. Like a paper that is due the next day or a project goal you need to submit by midnight. Get to know yourself. Can you do it if you procrastinate? Are you capable enough?

Well if you budge a yes to these questions, you’re free to procrastinate. But what is at stake is quality work . If you stay up till midnight and get the work till it chokes you, sorry, but you won’t get your work done either.

So, remind yourself what you’ll be losing if you procrastinate. Then you’d be afraid to do whatever it is you’re doing.

Couple of other inputs you can try-

  • Try to go for non-tech options: Like resources or something, you can use books or papers from library. You can turn towards your laptop when you really feel you need it.
  • Sit in supervision: Don’t ask someone to superintend you, just go sit somewhere in a place where there are people. You could work on your pc, and you’d feel a “fake” pressure of completing your work, because you don’t wanna show the other person that you’re a total waste, and you wouldn’t want them to see that your work process is really sloppy.
  • Keep a water bottle beside: Really helps when you think you’re going to fall asleep. We tend to procrastinate when we don’t have a lot of energy and are entering a state where we don’t want to do a SINGLE THING. Drinking water gives your brain some activity and plus, it’s a good skincare hack. (Glowing skin like BTS hehe.)
  • Learn to take a break: You never really procrastinate when you’ve already had your dose of break. You procrastinate because either you don’t want to do that task or you’re longing for a break. Breaks help you to solve both the problems. Cut off procrastination, just like that.

So, that’s it for this week, readers!

Also, I’m gonna be launching a new blog series in a while, but before I can write, I’ll need your participation! Stay tuned for the post!

Not-so-daintily loving you,


Inconsistency. (Plus, a tip from me)

Inconsistency, my god. Such a drag. I’m not only a procrastination expert but super inconsistent too. If you feel I’m exaggerating, honey, I’m not. I’m stating pure facts. I try to keep up a good habit but eventually I get lazy. After all, this is ‘me’ we’re talking about.

Still don’t believe me? Let me narrate you a small extract from my totally spontaneous life.

I was totally getting confused about keeping my sister’s and my room (hereafter referred to as ‘our room’ ) clutter free. I had to reduce things in our room, at least to prevent myself from tripping over the toys and literally un-name-able objects lying on the floor.

One fine day, I said to myself “This is it. Do or die, I have to get rid of stuff”. Sometimes, we need to be hard on ourselves, shouldn’t we? That’s my super motivated self.

So I officially made the room clutter-free, or maybe for the next 7 days. I enjoyed that feeling of emptiness, of not tripping over your own stuff and positive vibes. “Feng-Shui is working pretty well”, I said and soon I jinxed our room. I tried to maintain the room the same way for what, the next two days {Not even a week} and I got tired {!!!}. Myself doesn’t like me working so hard, so I left it. Again, one fine day, all the clutter and crap piles up an I have to work my butt off.

You see the circle?

My parents keep telling me about being consistent. But boy, did I ever listen?


Unless we tell ourselves that we need to be consistent, no matter who lectures us, we’re nowhere to be working consistently. To be honest, I still haven’t figured this out myself. But one thing that seems to work is reaffirmation. I set alarms from time to time to remind myself about some little things that slip away from my mind easily. One for doing my chores, one for reading and another for taking C Vitamin, maybe? Think about it.

So I’m always trying to remind myself that I need to do things regularly. Like exercising. I like doing it, but I’d be like ” I’m just not in the mood to do it”. That is the lamest excuse ever. So self-motivation is super important.

Take these words from a non-expert but an insightful teen.

Happy Saturday! {I couldn’t put it at the start of the post because it didn’t fit the theme of the paragraph.}

I still haven’t taken my C-Vitamin. I better go to it.

How do you try to stay consistent with any new hobby you pick up? You’ve got any additional tips to suggest? Feel free to drop a message to my mailbox or leave it in the comments!



*Questions welcome! I'm kinda planning to do a Q and A post soon (or maybe later, who knows), so if y'all have any questions, literally any thing, about me, blogging, school life- drop a message, here! Looking forward to answering and writing!*

Story of procrastination

I woke up to my alarm set at 7:00 am. Not early, but early enough in the online school schedule. So I freshened up to study {I had exams back then} and opened up my books real quick. I had written my goals in a checklist and placed a notebook beside me and my Tab and began taking down notes.

The picture I have about productive studying is something like this; a sticky note pad, loads of highlighters and sheets, my head deep down in books and all the dates of historical events in my brain. But the reality is a real different case. Access to any sort of tech or device means access to games, apps, internet; basically everything. Especially in teenage years, the mind is diverging. My focus, was completely scattered.

Fine, I’ve finished learning a chapter ‘with difficulty’. I decide to ‘treat’ myself with a break. I pick up my phone and check my messages, and eventually pick up a chat with a friend. Deep down, I know that I could rather start studying more. But that regret just stayed in the corner.

Realization with regrets

The thing is, I already knew that what I was doing was wrong. It’s not like I had late realization problems. But I just hated that part of me.

One fine day, I searched up YouTube : “Ways to avoid procrastination”. I ‘TRIED’ to watch the video the random guy who was trying to explain how to focus and stuff, but procrastinated over it. I clicked up a music video {because I felt bored, typical me} and I spent the next hour doing an Ariana Grande Musical marathon.

Over time, I somehow learnt to get my act together. I distanced my phone, literally. I physically placed it somewhere I just can’t creep up immediately. I would have to get up, walk towards it and take it. It sounds dumb when I put it like that, but trust me, it worked out. I’m just not the kind of person who is likely to move and check the phone {what can I say, I’m lazy}.

I’m not an expert; it’s just how it worked out for me. Everyone has different ways to procrastinate, different distractions. It’s just how we notice that our limits have been crossed and we need to stop.

I still procrastinate, not like I’ve totally given it up. I just do it in a moderate way. Besides, I guess we all need a break from things :)

In What ways do you procrastinate? I’m sure you must’ve felt regrets at some point. How’d you deal with it? Feel free to drop a message to my mailbox {} or leave it in the comments.


Divi 🖤

My Spontaneous mother’s day gift.

I baked a carrot cake for my mom on mother’s day. It tasted quite delicious, only because a cake, was ALL I had to offer.

I got to know about mother’s day only since a week before. I know that mother’s day is ‘some day’ in may (it’s actually the second Sunday of may, which, I discovered quite recently). So I left it at the back of my head, planning to postpone it, just like I always do. A day before, I was stunned by my ability to forget things and keep things on hold till the *last* minute.

Image credit: Pexels

Now I had three things to worry about –

Number 1- I didn’t have a gift

Number 2- My sister HAD ONE.

Number 3- Now I had to make one BETTER THAN HERS.

An untold ‘rule’ in sibling rivalry and competition is that the older kid outshines the younger sibling. Just for the mere reason of being ‘older’. So I had to {Or I think I had to } make a gift that blew my mom’s mind away. I don’t know, it’s like an unexpressed expectation that I had to reach. I had some *stupid faith* in myself that I’d magically conjure up a gift for my mom the next day. I left it just like that, and slept for the night.

(I have no idea how I slept peacefully when I had so much to do.)

On the day, I watched my sister get all the attention for her card {hey, I Wasn’t jealous}. But I actually felt bad inside for not giving a gift.

So I made a painting that day and gave it to my mother. And no, I cannot attach the picture here. My mom has it taped onto the wall near her desk {What can I say, she wants to see my painting everyday 😛 jk, lol}. Then as spontaneous as a Gemini can be, I came up with the idea of a carrot cake.

So I baked it, with my hopes high up, expecting a perfect cake and yeah, it didn’t let me down.

I did have a great time baking and everything but what I was ashamed of, was the way I did everything in the last minute. Juggling things in the last moment was sure a rough ride. Well that gets me adding another thing in my new year resolutions checklist.

Image credit: Pexels

Though I understand that a gift is not the only way to express love, it feels great to give something that’s made by our own hands. What’s better than seeing a smile on our loved one’s face?


anyways, farewell, my dear readers! (Well, at least till Saturday)

That was way too formal.

What did you do for your mother on mother’s day? You’ve got something to say? Feel free to drop a message to my mailbox or leave it in the comments!



P.S.- I have a freebie for you! Find my recipe for the carrot cake in the PDF attached! Also, I’ve got a new post coming up this Saturday!