Collaborations and requests


Are you a blogger? Do you want to work with me?

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I would love to! I like collaborating with people and working together. It’s so fun. Plus, camaraderie too!

My Blog Niche:

  • Lifestyle
  • Teen
  • Life-advice

Monthly views:

600-700 on an average. (As of August 2021)

What about you? Fill out this contact form! Things I would be requiring are:
  • Blog niche
  • Views (average, on a monthly basis)
  • Your blog link
  • And all other fields specified below!

Please keep a note of it that I only use the data collected to maintain a record. Also, I would not give preferences over views, because I know how that would feel! So you could fill out this form without hesitating! Similar blog niche would be beneficial for both of us collaborators.

Hoping to see ya!

For book review requests: Authors

I’d be happy to review books that you’ve written. I’m a huge bookworm and I always take the chance to read.

My genres: Fantasy, mythological fiction, mystery, thriller, suspense, YA fiction, indie

NOT my genres: Non-fiction, historical fiction, Romance, Horror.

Please keep in mind that I’m a 14 y/o and send me appropriate requests! Mention your Genre, Name of the book and anything else you’d like to share. You could either fill this form or drop a mail to my mail id :