trying to write without a topic|| Thoughts on a rainy day|| Book slumps and reading again.

Correction, rainy days, not day, because, IT WON’T STOP.

My exams got over and it felt like my Boards got over. I was dancing yesterday and my friends literally had to tell me stop. “It was only the first exam, we get it.”

The entire day, I was in. When I could go and cycle alone or maybe listen to music and walk. But no. It wouldn’t stop raining. Rains are very ✨idealistic for writer’s- don’t get me wrong- but like, staying in the whole day is weird. It got so chilly, I have to wear cardigans and sweaters already.

The perfect thing I did was read. Read till my eyes felt sore. And I think I had my fastest read yet, 450 pages in 1.5 day. I feel so proud. My gracious friend from school let me borrow Fangirl and wow. I just liked how authentic the book was.

(Again, shoutout to my ⭐awesome⭐ friend for letting me borrow this book and letting me click cute pictures with her book. She didn’t say anything about the last part, but I had to do it. Thank you!)

Also feel free to look at all the self help book abundance we have at home in the picture.

But, picture yourself on a cold, chilly, rainy day, when days are dull. You’re sipping on coffee mixed with chocolate. Bitter yet sweet. And you’re reading this book. That, that, is comfort. That was this book. Comfort. It made me feel as if I was wrapped with a warm blanket that took me away from this world.

Books are like that sometimes. It’s like you meet a stranger but is like an old friend you recognize instantly and comforts you by giving you their warmth. I romanticize too much, but books are like that. They are like that, far from reality, utopian and ideal.

Not my picture but wish it was-😭😭

I feel a book that does that is so special. On so many levels. And when you finish it, you feel hollow. That is the endgame. You’ve read a good book.

I don’t even know why I’m doing this, whole book appreciation post. But sometimes, it’s like the only thing I feel I am connected to, materialistically. And no matter how many times I talk about books, it never stops being new to me.

So with all the exams preparations, I didn’t read for a whole month. Now I’m a free bird~

Also, can you love something but hate it at the same time? I love monsoons, but I hate them. Yes you get to be at home all day, but no, you have to stay at home all day. Those are two different statements that don’t sit well together. It’s a complicated feeling.

I had a writer’s block, past SO many weeks. I kind of feel guilty for not writing and doing what I love. I’ve been neglecting things on the internet. But truth be spoken, I definitely did not think of how I’d manage school and blogging. I thought I could pull it off, but I cannot. I’m still in that gray area, figuring out how to make things work. It’ll take months. But I have hope because this blog, is my safe space. I will not give up on this.

I’ve also stopped reading posts by other bloggers here on WordPress, and I feel kind of sad for not doing so. I’ll try to catch up with things step-by-step.

As for you readers, I would really love to chat with you guys! I’ll try to reply to your comments as much as I can!

To all my high schooler friends out there- How’s school treating you? All bookworms- What was the last book you’ve read?

Eager to know what you all have to say~

Not-so-daintily loving you,



23 thoughts on “trying to write without a topic|| Thoughts on a rainy day|| Book slumps and reading again.

  1. i agree, books make for lovely friends!
    i’ve had writer’s block for… i’m not sure how long… as well. kinda discouraging but we’ll see what content i’m up for posting!

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    1. Yes, writers block is so irritating but then after we find a groove we’ll get into it again. I’m trying again, I hope you’ll do better! Thank you so much for reading!

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  2. love-hate relationship w/ monsoons tbh
    relate sm to the writer’s block aha also yay no exams for you letsss goooo
    school is treating me pretty shit lmao i have exams in two weeks 💪😫 anw this was a fun read 💗

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    everything that you said about books – ITS GORGEOUS AND BEAUTIFUL AND CAN I JUST SECOND ALL OF IT??
    and everything you said about fangirl just makes me so so excited to get to it!! MAYBE I SHALL WAIT FOR THE NEXT RAINY DAY 👀 ahhh thank you so so much for this post AND I AM IN LOVE WITH ALL OF IT

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG thanks! Yes you may, second all of it! Yes it’s perfect, no don’t wait for a rainy day, Just wait for a non exam week😭 Thankyou so much for your love Anoushka!


  4. Well well, I am really glad that my book is getting so much appreciation in this post from you!😀 It is really a nice book and a must read for all the teen girls. This was our very first books exchange and I just hope we keep doing this borrowing books stuff and all as it is so much fun doing it.
    Also, do send me a separate pic of your book shelf so that I can choose a book from it 😃
    And coming to me, currently I am reading ‘ The Girl Who Knew Too Much ‘

    Your that awesome friend

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    1. Yes we should do more! I’m so excited! The girl who knew too much, it’s on my tbr! Let me know how it’s going! And yo, we’re going to the library tomorrow again. We’re finally free of exams🙃
      I’ll send it to you!


  5. Agh I love this post! Books. Are. Amazing.
    Aaand I really feel like I need to read Fangirl ’cause I’ve heard so many good things about it… TBRs never end.
    Anywho, yeah, school and blogging really don’t like each other sometimes. I hope you figure something out eventually and I’m glad you haven’t given up on blogging!

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  6. Everyone be loving the rains until they step into mud water that comes till their ankles 😐.
    I hope I get the motivation to read a book when my life isn’t depended on it, like you do.

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    1. Yes, rains are all nice till they soak you.
      I really hope you find a book that makes you feel the same way I do. For me it’s like an outlet, what is it for you?
      Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!


  7. High school is bad bro. Honestly. The last book I read was The secret history and i didn’t even finish it 😭😭 Also happy you’re back to writing!!

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  8. “Books are like that sometimes. It’s like you meet a stranger but is like an old friend you recognize instantly and comforts you by giving you their warmth”

    This is just such a beautiful statement 🥺💕

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    1. Ayy thank you so much Deepthy, i wrote that statement with a lot of emotion, so glad you like it ❤️✨
      Thank you so much for reading this post and commenting!!

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