Blog diaries #2: Arbitrary concerns about appreciation, myself and happiness.

Today, on a whim, I got myself to post this finally. Another addition to the blog diaries series!

I’m a very practical person who doesn’t usually believe in, practise, read or write philosophy. I’ve had enmity with philosophical things since a really long time, for reasons unknown. But then, this blog-diary entry is an exception. I’ve jotted down a few things I’ve been going through currently, the realisations I’ve had (I always realise things everyday. Whether good or bad, that’s the question) and how I think I’m become very self-absorbed. Most importantly, I’ve emphasized upon how I fail to observe and appreciate little things.

I’ve put in some sweat in this, so you better like it!

Or else you meet death.

*If you’re reading this from the WordPress-reader, you might want to view this on the original site, as this contains graphics that are best-viewed on the blog itself! read it here. *

So…How was it? It’s not that cohesive, but I hope you got the whole point of it!

Why I started the series:

The main motive of making these blog diary entries is not only to write but to make something visually appealing. This becomes like a periodic graphic design project.

Another reason is that, maintaining a journal in real life is a lot of work. I’m like the laziest person ever, so you know, it gets difficult and a bit of frenzy when it comes to maintaining a journal of sorts. Nevertheless, I’ve made one last attempt at maintaining a journal(in real life) and update it regularly. Let’s see how it goes.

So I made a journal, which is electronic and public (Not the point of the journal, exactly). But heck, at least I get to do self reflections once in a while.

I hope I get to do another entry soon, but not very soon. These things TAKE TIME.

Anyways, I really wish you like it. If you do, why not just leave a comment? Thinking of comments, The-Question-of-the-Post:

Do you maintain a Journal or a Diary? You got some tips?

Share your thoughts with other readers here. I’d drop by to read your views too!

Not-so-daintily loving you,


View the first Blog-Diary entry, here: Blog Diaries: A birthday post, June the Tenth, 2021.


26 thoughts on “Blog diaries #2: Arbitrary concerns about appreciation, myself and happiness.

  1. hii divi!! i’m so happy to have found your blog, its literally so pretty and aesthetics are mindblowing!! loved this post💕💕 also your theme is so cool, i love the design so much🥰

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    1. Oh hey Asic! REALLY? OMG REALLY YOU LIKE THE AESTHETICS? Well I’m surprised, but mainly because I’ve seen the site so many times, it’s got a bit boring. But hey, thank you.
      Let me check out your blog tooooo!

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  2. The layout and design of the blog is really wonderful !!!!
    And I maintain a diary but it started getting boring at times because well not everyday of my life is interesting at 14 years of age…………
    I am hoping things turn out to be exciting so i can write more
    ( feel free to say this is weird )

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    1. Hey Khushi! Welcome to the blog, I’m so happy you like it!
      Yes, I do know how it is, we’re only fourteen we cannot expect MIRACLES to happen right now, lol. I’ve picked up journaling everyday, I write about my day’s reflections in it.
      I hope you start writing more regularly!
      Thanks for reading!
      (Yeah lol, stay weird always!)

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      1. well I will sure try ………. right now i am just so so lost in lives of teens in tv shows and books that mine feels even boring but yup, I’ll start writing regularly hopefully !!

        and thanks for the encouragement on staying weird !!!!

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        1. Ah, so that’s the problem! TV shows are pure fiction. I remember a time when even I used to wish for a television show-esque life. But don’t we have different lives afterall!

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    1. Hey maya!
      I don’t know! One fine day, I just saw that the pinterest thing came. I think we need to claim to site or something but I haven’t done anything about it. But as per some research, I learnt that there is a Pinterest widget that we can access from the customisation. I don’t know how far this is applicable, but I guess worth a try.
      Lemme know if you need anything!


  3. Ooh, this was such a good post! I totally relate to you with everything (except I’m an only child, so not the part about your sister). Thank you for sharing these thoughts, Divi!

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  4. Hey Divi! I absolutely enjoy this series! I love how honest and authentic you are and those graphics are just splendid! Thank you for that burst of positivity <3
    I do maintain a diary and I have a specific time to write in it so that I can do it incessantly…
    Keep up the good work🎉

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    1. Hey Maith, how you’ve been! Thanks a lot, I’m so happy you like this series. Yes, I too think the graphics went well this time, thanks for saying that!
      Wow, you do? That’s amazing! I think I’ll have to try to set some time for a diary too.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your views!

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  5. Well, that was some awesome writing!!! I love the graphics and doodles…
    And yes I do maintain a diary and a journal (both).
    Not such tips from me but one thing I can surely tell is that you have to be consistent and just enjoy what you do! (ok so don’t think I’m consistent😅but ya I just love it, so I am somehow dragged by it)

    Love ya,
    Buddy 💜

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    1. Thank you! I LITERALLY thought I wasn’t writing quality stuff that much thesedays, I’m happy to hear that. Thanks for the complement, I too think that this time graphics worked out pretty well!
      Consistent, yes that’s key to everything. Thanks a lot for the tip, it really counts!
      :-)Sending love!

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  6. Ah! True words, Divya.
    Nice one!

    Well, I have got some questions for u!
    1. What are the things in your bucket list. List any 3.
    2. What is the most hardest thing you have ever done?
    3. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?


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    1. Why, thank you, Himadri!
      You never run out of questions, do you? 😂 It’s not a bad thing, btw.
      I’ll answer them here only, though.
      1. Bucket list: a- To act in a proper play with an audience; b- Eat 4 servings of ice creams on ONE single day. ; c-Do a solo travel when I grow up!
      2. Hardest thing? I don’t know, watching Avengers Endgame again, even though I know Tony Stark’s GONNA DIE (And Natasha too :( ).
      3. Strangest thing I’ve ever eaten? Some sTrAnGe vegetable soup I had in Bangalore during a school trip. I don’t know what the hotel was serving us, but I’m pretty sure it smelled pretty bad. Cabbage, I think.

      :) Hoping to see you more around here in the comment section!


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