Life’s Become so Boring!💤 : Hacks I have been eyeing to stay upbeat!🤳🤙 – A guest post by Srushti Munot @thestudyfanatic

Hello everyone! You all doing great? Today, we have yet another guest! I’ve invited my real-life and blogging bestie to write for the blog. Her name is Srushti and she writes for her blog The Study Fanatic. This is also a partially inclined towards the “writer’s essence” tag I had mentioned in this post! Also because I have exams and have literally NO CONTENT ready. Anyways, Have fun!

Covid–19 Lockdown may have proved to be quite good in terms of safety but it has also changed our lifestyle!

I think everyone’s life(at least mine) took a 360॰ turn. Everything changed. New ways of schooling, new daily schedule, new challenges of weight gain and loss😛, etc.

Until recently, mY LiFe BeCaMe QuIte BOriNg! : There was no fun at all, just the same routine of getting up, sitting for classes, lunch, etc.

But one day I came across an interesting thing: (Here’s the thing in case you wanna read it :) It was about a story that had been tweeted to encourage people to be productive during lockdown!

Not that I was entirely motivated 😂but I felt good reading it!

Normally people say, “SIT and STUDY hard”, I too, did  it, until I experimented a bit and found out that writing notes or solving math could be done while listening to music! And  it’s a lot more fun now!

Firstly, experiment with yourself and maybe you get to know yourself even better!

(I enjoyed experimentation in my routines a lot)

Secondly, I feel that breaks are a must!

Without breaks, it sucks to study:  studying seems like a never ending process and becomes boring.

I honestly feel that breaks should be like the “fun” thing (make your breaks fun so that you can sit to study again with high spirits). In a break, I dance-off to a song or just sit on the balcony watching random things.

And do take a note here: don’t binge-watch youtube videos in your break time! It doesn’t relax you and doesn’t let you get back to work!

One thing I realized quite late was: getting up early is the key. I was quite lazy earlier(kind of before 2021). I used to get up late and start late.

Now I get up at around 6.15 am(But at times I also get lazy, lol). I can study a little more in the morning! and also it’s quite fun to watch the “just-risen” sun in the sky.

And yes, do practice your hobbies, because they’re fun to do!

Special Tip: if you are an 8th grader or above, don’t cultivate new hobbies because if there are lots of hobbies you just cannot fulfill time for all of them! (at least that’s what happened in my case!)

Now, daily workouts are a must!  It’s lively to do Cardio and HIITs on alternate days!And mind you, don’t miss out on cheat days once a month😂It’s pleasure

You could use Music too.

Another thing I realized very very late is clean study table.

I used to keep everything here and there and then “Clean” everything at once. My mom would always tell me to keep things after using them itself but I think I was kinda obstinate 😂

Now I try to keep everything in place and that makes it a little better😉

Last but not the least: Keep in touch with your friends because they’re very important for entertainment(lol).

I have 5-6 friends with whom I have been in constant touch and you know what? with these friends, you just laugh so much while chatting! (I dunno how but they seem to have the “superpower” of stress-buster🥳)

Hi, I’m Srushti and I am a blogger😃

My blog is called The Study Fanatic.

I honestly think that “STUDY” is taken to be as related to ‘book’ or something of that sort…

I think “study” is something in which you apply your mind to do stuff. Even when you are looking at random things: you are studying the object. I write blogs just because I feel that that’s the best way I can express my views.

Mind you: I think my blog is not at all a “MOTIVATIONAL” one coz I can’t give you motivation😂.

I just want to build a community for enjoying and experimenting with the world



Subscribe in case you found my content interesting but there’s no compulsion😂

Ha! See, that’s my friend.

I’ve trained her well.

Ummm, no. She’s written this all by herself and I love how it is interactive with a tinge of humor. I hope you liked reading what she wrote and hopefully, you’d leave a comment right?

Not-so-daintily loving you, or should I say toodles?


P.S.: No post is complete without a P.S.! As for the images, thank you to google for helping me find them, credits to the original creators. The Featured image is designed by me, though. Also, I’d not be taking up any more post submissions or collaboration requests this month. In case you’re keen, let us do it the next month i.e. October! (August is almost over)

22 thoughts on “Life’s Become so Boring!💤 : Hacks I have been eyeing to stay upbeat!🤳🤙 – A guest post by Srushti Munot @thestudyfanatic

  1. So basically this is a study hack👀
    Kinda like another clickbait :o
    I thought this would be like ‘how to stay alive everyday without losing your mind’ like I need it so much lol
    Unfortunately this a study hack.
    At least pomodoro is not mentioned🙂
    My greatest study motivation is Ruby Granger. Her past vids are awesome and aesthetic
    Funny how I was planning on giving study tips….

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Lol, I am so sorry for clickbaiting you, TWICE! But, I promise it wont happen again (let’s hope so).
      HAHA, I really should do a post about staying alive, shouldn’t I? Perhaps it’d make you happy? :-D
      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s relatable! TBH my break is longer than my study time😅. I know it’s boring but LIFE GOES ON. I should try these hacks! Thanks, Divi. In case Srushti is reading this-: I read a few of your posts and they are amazing!!!


    Liked by 3 people

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