Just an opinion: Episode 2- “We need more celebrities and influencers addressing things like mental health, the system…”

Hello everyone! Welcome to episode two of our blog series!

Today’s episode features Ib, from ” It’s Ib! “.

It’s Ib blog is a lifestyle(?) blog run by a confused lady about to reach her 20s’, that’s me! It’s just a medium for me to share my thoughts and interests with whoever may be interested. I’m just here to have fun, interact with other people of the same interest and just live, I guess. Thank you Divi! 💜

Ib, Author of ‘It’s Ib’ Blog.

Ib has a very cheery and funny personality when she expresses it in her blog. I love how her posts are always so optimistic! Please go check out her blog!

Here’s what she has to say-

We need more celebrities and influencers addressing things like mental health, the system and not just trying to paint a perfect picture of their lives on social media

*Before we begin, I’ve noticed some of you readers have been confused as to who wrote what, This isn’t a guest post. All the content is written by me (Divi), where I write my opinion regarding their statements. *

Clearly by “celebrities and influencers addressing things like mental health, the system”, you mean like BTS. I agree one hundred percent. I also disagree a bit.

The last episode, I wrote about unrealistic expectations. The reason I took up Ib’s entry as the next was because this is quite related to it in that perspective.

What would you expect in a celebrity social media handle? Picture perfect shots of them vacationing, them with family, them with their dog, them with their mascara, them with their pasta and crap like that. When you sum up all of these, you kind of get a picture. “This woman is living it up” or “That is the perfect life that I wish for”. Thought these things much?

My biggest issue with all of this propaganda is that, it’s not fake, but it’s not true either.

Behind those beach parties, dog, pasta, family, vacation, there is a whole lot of stuff going on. Probably some sponsorships, or product endorsements. Maybe they’re SUPPOSED to post it online.

Credits to owner.

But I get the point Ib is trying to make. Why not use their influence for a better cause?

We all live in a world that has people full of insecurities. No, I’m not criticizing, I have loads of insecurities, so I’m one of you all. After seeing such perfect things, unrealistic expectations are so high. We all need motivation, like, “hey buddy, you don’t need to be perfect”.

Instead we see celebrities promoting consumerism. (Oh look at my expensive clothing, my mercedes, my coffee that comes in plastic everday!)

Talk about celebrities with plastic surgeries and cosmetic enhancements? When popular figures like them are insecure and dissatisfied with their own body (and literally go to the lengths of altering it), how do you expect Gen Z to be confident about themselves? The impact such behaviour can have, is depressing. (So before you judge our generation, talk about our role models first.)

It’s all toxic and sometimes suffocating, too. Like you’d feel like you’re never gonna be like them or as perfect as them.

If you do think like that, please ditch all those useless thoughts. They’re of no actual use. PERIOD.

Let’s come to the second part. Mental health issues need to be addressed, now especially since mental health issues are mainstream. A while ago, Ariana Grande donated a million dollars for a mental health campaign that gave people free therapy. BTS launched the love yourself campaign. I feel a few really do make a change. I’m not a BlackPink fan, but they advocate for climate change. I really like it when people come together for a greater cause.

Yes, we need more outspoken people who have a vision to change. Yes we need more true and not so perfect celebs.

But again, they’re normal people like us. They aren’t saints to always do social service, they’re just enjoying their money. Tell me, as a normal human being, would you let go of all the luxuries money can buy? Or would you give it all up for charity? The balance, is somewhere in the middle.

Signing off,


Just an opinion!- A blog series @TheNameIsDivi!

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10 thoughts on “Just an opinion: Episode 2- “We need more celebrities and influencers addressing things like mental health, the system…”

  1. I’m new to your blog and I absolutely LOVED this post! Really enjoyed reading it and was nodding my head in agreement with everything you mentioned. Personally, I don’t think I’d give up all the luxuries that money can buy or donate it all to charity either. Probably somewhere in between – like you said, balance! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Omg i so agreeee!!!! Like not always, but several times especially on a bad day it gets so overwhelming sometimes, that these people are so pretty and gorgeous and just… I can never be like them! It’s really not a good way to think, finally someone relates!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this!
    I always believe that everyone has something they don’t like about themselves their family home friends etc.
    And every person Is going through some type of difficulty!

    But human nature is that we hide our bad and show our good! Thats the matter with everyone?!

    Celebs are people we look upto for some reason!
    I 💯 100% agree with you Divi

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I totally agree with this! The “FAMOUS” people are literally role models for us! So each and every action matters, and I also agree with the fact that they are humans beings like us too! Not everyone is born famous, and if they are, make good use of it! Doing something for a social cause, can change people’s perspective about things… I loved today’s post to be very honest!


  5. I loved this post Divi! I totally agree with all your points!
    I have to add though, there’s this YouTuber Lexi Hensler, and honestly, I feel like she’s an amazing example of how to balance mental health stuff while living life in her 20s. She has this merch store, and in there she sells support llamas, like I am not exactly sure how they work, but they are like kinda heavy, so if you place them on your chest, it helps you with anxiety and stuff, and I really loved when she did that!

    Awesome post, seriously! I love this initiative of yours!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ikr! I’ve been following the whole squad, and all those cash prizes are mostly given to charity… It’s really sweet how each and every one of them always give their money to either charity or use it for some good purpose!

      Liked by 1 person

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