Yes, I still exist! || A life update.

*opens her drafts after weeks*

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well! I know it’s been a while. Today I chose to crack my knuckles and finally begin writing a blog post.

So where was I all this time? Nowhere new, just same old home, and school. I was preoccupied for a while, with all the “new-school-year” crap, and things got real now. I always thought managing a blog and school will not change despite offline school, but no, I’ve successfully managed to fail at that.

Credits to owner. Via Pinterest.

No that does not mean that I’ll stop writing. It just *motivated* me to be more extracurricular and that life, isn’t only school.

Quick question- How much do I like Tenth grade?


*scratches her head*

Out of 10 maybe a 6. Tenth grade is nice, right now, because I’m just one month in. But I think it is stressful, about how much you need to study. And peer pressure about how much you need to study JUST because you’re in tenth grade. I find it difficult to manage hundred things once right now, I was an expert at it once. So ninth graders going into tenth, take notes, you need to be good at multitasking. (Wow, I’m giving advice already.)

One important thing I’ve been wanting to say for a while was that, no matter how busy you are, never neglect time for yourself. Overworking only brings ruin (why does that sound so evil-) for you in the long run. Take care of yourself!

Also, I guess I finally came out of my book reading slump.

Credits to owner. Via Pinterest.

I’ve read quite a few books in a while, but apart from that I also think I finally found my mystery novels groove. With Agatha Christie. I’m just disappointed why I didn’t read her books, and why I was prioritizing reading Conan Doyle. I don’t think I’ve read those many plot twists in Sherlock Holmes, frankly speaking, they’re way too predictable and I sometimes find myself “obliged” to read them. A reason why I don’t like Conan Doyle. (I’ll save the dislike for another post.) I stan Agatha Christie. I also I think I became a fan of Colleen Hoover’s books.

What else is interesting? Can I say I don’t know? All I’ve done lately is eat, study, binge watch Slayy Point (why didn’t I watch their channel before???) and try to be a more determined person. Past few weeks were like so lazy and dispassionate. I felt to less creative. Okay, brace yourself for my melodrama- I felt old.

Credits to owner. Via Pinterest.

I don’t know if I’m right about this but I always associate being old with something negative. Old is non-creative, old is not fresh, old is stale (wait but isn’t it already?). And lately I’m not liking this word, because I feel old, I don’t feel young or the jumpy, hyper-excited person I usually am (my opinion, no hate towards being old). Nobody noticed this because I didn’t show, because I try to be jumpy, in hopes that it will make me feel jumpy. Kind of like fake it till you make it situation.

Then I realized. That I had a freaking blog, on which I am supposed to write and post freely.

I’m being melodramatic again, but I felt better while reflecting and writing this post. I was on the verge of killing my creativity, but happily, I’m back to blogging! I think I’ll feel non-old now.

So after a long time….

Not-so-daintily loving you,



19 thoughts on “Yes, I still exist! || A life update.

  1. hii divi, glad to have you back!!
    say what you want about the sherlock books, but the bbc show is tOP TIER 😂❤️ (have you seen it?)
    and yess agatha christie!! her books are amazing, agreed!

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  2. hi divi!! *waves excitedly* 👋🧡 so happy to see you again! love that featured image btw 😍
    agatha christie books YAS! the plot twists tho 🙌
    feeling old is no fun. being old VS feeling old are two different things, because how youthful (or lack thereof) you feel on the inside dictates your ‘age.’ i’m so glad you’ll continue blogging! i think it’s such a positive hobby and i’m glad you’re here 🥰💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You perfectly described that. I am getting older but feeling older is WAYYY different.
      IKR Agatha Christie’s plot twists are 👁️👄👁️
      Thank you so much Maggie have a great weekend!🥰

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  3. Ah! Yes, I can totally understand your pressure bcoz we both are sailing in one boat! 10th grade is really very stressful! And yeah Agatha Christie – Even I’m thinking to read some of her books this summer! I’m glad that you began writing once again! Waiting for your upcoming posts!


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  4. I used to remember my 10th grade and those motivated cum threat lectures from parents🤣 jk!
    From my personal experience- Don’t ever study under pressure and don’t get nervous!
    I understand this a bit late but yeah still I managed it!
    Okay, so you have already read Agatha and Colleen 🥲 I also wanted to read more books but semester exams are around the corner😓

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Motivation cum threats- help this is so funny (and true). Yes I’ve read a few. I hope you get to read them too, actual masterpieces that keep you hooked!
      Thank youuu for the advice! it’ll help me so muchhhh!
      Thank you for reading too!

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  5. Now its sounds as if life is getting back to track!
    I (as always)liked your sense of words!
    Looking forward for more intresting content to be posted❤

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  6. Hey divi..I’m so happy that finally you’re back..and I can totally understand your situation as it’s been almost a month since I’ve also been promoted to 10th grade…and the amount of pressure…uff…and from last 1 month the only thing that I’m hearing is that my whole life and my WHOLE CAREER depends on this 1 year…like I know it’s important to focus on studies but we also need to enjoy our lives…right?… anyways…I loved your update!

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    1. I know right! There’s peer pressure coming from everywhere, and what makes it more stressful is that your career depends on this one year. It’s so funny too. As you said, we should enjoy our life! It’s also our last year at school so extra grief to that one :(
      Thanks for reading, I’m glad to be back too!

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